Leaving Home To Home

Casey Daisiu (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

Time goes by so fast it’s really unpredictable. It’s feels like I just got here yesterday but now I only have a couple weeks left in Dixon, Illinois, USA. I remember when I first came here this family came pick me at O’Hare airport and give me a hug, I get really excited because I am the first student that get pick from host family in the airport that day. It’s really mind blown if you think about it. About how they willing to open their heart and their house for some they don’t really know. The only thing they have about me is my information that describe about me in a paper.

Then I start adapt with this family really fast because we have a lot in common that make me really easy to adjust with them. I start calling my host parents “Mom and Dad” they all like my family right now. Before I came here I have orientation in Jakarta and in that orientation I make some goals that I want to achieve while in program. Those goals that I set have been done one by one as the years go.

One of the goals that really hard to achieve is find friends. First couple month it really hard to adapt in new school, but I keep trying and I get a lot friends that always support me. This part of my exchanges year changes my mind set, this experience teach me to be open minded and get more confidence to able to approach some friends.

A couple month since august I start my community service in my church to help in Awana Program; I also start volunteering in library to help them in some event. Then my counselor at school help me to find some community service that I can do and they give some community service in Dixon Park Office to take care some turtle, a cat, birds, and a squirrel. It’s really fun because I love animals so I really enjoy my volunteer in Dixon parks office. A couple weeks ago they called to the board meeting in Dixon parks office and they give me some little appreciation as a volunteer of the year 2015–2016.

In school I didn’t join sports club because I didn’t really like sports, but I join some Musical. Musical was one of the best things I’ve been doing here so far, it’s really fun and have long process but when we are done with the show it’s really amazing. I also join Madrigals during Christmas time, where we walk from store to store during Christmas Walk and sing a Christmas carol for people. We also go to some nursing home and sing with people there.

The other best experience that I’ve done so far was go to the capitol building in Springfield and talks to the senator also the House of representative. It’s really awesome and we go around Springfield visit Abraham Lincoln House, Lincoln Museum, and Lincoln Tomb Stone. One of my favorite is in Lincoln Tomb, where written “Now He (Lincoln) belongs to the ages”.

Prom also the best one beside musical, where Kids in high school cam dress up and have Dance. Overall I just want to thanks God and all people that help me to achieve the best exchanges year.

For My Host family thank for everything, thanks for always right beside me, support me whatever I do, thank you for loving me and Make me part of the family, thanks for feed me every day, drive me wherever I want, show me part of American culture, I am really thankful to have you guys here in US.

Also thanks to Bina Antarbudaya, AFS, YES Program, AYA/AIFS, and My Friends that help me have a Wonderful Exchanges Year. Now my Job is bringing back all knowledge and experience I get here, and share them to my community back home.

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