Letter From Home to Home

Shabrina Althofani (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

I can’t believe time flew so fast, 8 months of my second life journey in a place that now I called it home. This year feels like a dream, and just like a dream, it comes to an end. And this dream is too real and unforgettable for me, just so hard to let the time flies. In this point, it just about 2 months before I go back to Indonesia, all I wanna do is to spend the rest of my time with my family and friends, maybe it’s a last chance to make wonderful memories. Some of my friends were surprised and asked me a lot of question “So you have to go back?” “You won’t be here for another year?” “Can you stay a little longer?” “Will you go back here?” Those questions just made me so glad that I have great friends, I’ll miss everyone. My host family, they are wonderful people in my life. A few weeks ago my flag’s coach made an end year party for us. They gave me a keepsake photo of the complete team with their sign on the back. My coaches brought a good news that the flag team will join the band again and become the color guards. I was happy for them and a little bit jealous wished that I could have more time with the flag team.

Some of my friends who’s in the senior year had kind of same thought as me. They’ll go soon in different places for college that they’ve been committed. We have less than 3 weeks left of school days. Prom will be held on May 21st, one day after last day of school and the graduation ceremony will be held on June 3rd. I just can’t believe these are gonna happen to me. Also my last choir concert in May, the choir director will make it great we have some choreography. I enjoyed my horticulture class, it was a great experience go directly into the fieldwork. My favorite plant is Easter Lily, I planted it from a little bulb in the greenhouse since winter and brought it home when it started to bloom early in spring. I’m planning to put it in the backyard because it’s a perennial flower that will be back again in another year, so my host will remember me from that flower.

Talk about spring, I love it. See the tree goes back and different colors of flowers. Those Daffodil flowers in my front yard and redbud tree that I could only see in spring. The day is getting longer too, that’s why American have daylight saving time (DST), is the practice of setting the clocks forward an hour from standard time and make better use of daylight. The community near my house did the clean-up season around the lake and parks, to make room for new growth plant. They dedicated their time for volunteering. It was a cold day and it didn’t bother people to come, we did great for about 4 hours work. I feel it was a great chance to meet people in my neighborhood and keep the environment clean.

Last but not least, I’d say thank you for my American family. My Mom and Dad that have treated me like a family member since I met them. I keep a memory when the first time I come in their house, I have no idea what I was gonna face at that time, I was excited and scared but they thought me so well with step by step, they take me to a little tour around the house and welcomed me with warm smile and excitement. I thanks for everything that they did for my one year stay, they always care and got my back. And my coolest host brother. I didn’t see him a lot at home, but I like to be with him when he was home. I know how sometimes he annoyed me and tricked me a lot, or when I bother him a lot. I don’t know why I still like it, it was a dream came true to have a big brother and my host brother gave me an opportunity to felt that. I like every little thing from my host family, like when they asked me how I do, hugs, smile and say goodnight almost every day. From those little thing I felt how much love I received from them. I learned a lot of thing here, my family gave me so many things that will always stay in my memory. This year isn’t about my exchange year but it’s also for their experience too. I wanna say that I love them from the deepest of my heart! Being the part of a family means being part of something wonderful. It means I have love and beloved, no matter what. When this journey comes to an end and becomes a precious memory that I’ll keep for the rest of my life.

“One year journey has ended and it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to leave and I wish to come back. The journey is full excitement, I enjoy a serene, leisurely time during the trip and my heart beats with unforgettable memories. This isn’t a real farewell, I wish a day when we meet again. See you when I see you again.” Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn and gain experiences.

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