Muhammad Rizky Firdaus (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

It’s been 6 months since the first time I arrived here. Lots of things has changed in my daily habit, mindset, perspective. It doesn’t mean it changes to negative things, but It is more developing. I am getting used with the daily life here compared to last 6 months. The holiday times here are also exciting. Especially because I got more here than in Indonesia. We got Fall break and Spring break and each of those are 1 week off, so it is very exciting that we had more opportunity to explore place more. We can lots of people around the world came and enjoy their time with laugh, joy, and fun.

It started from the Fall break or some people say that Thanksgiving break. Based on the history, this is one of the most historical moment of people in the U.S. With the turkey as the traditional food for this celebration, It just completes The family time. Traffic in the highways, The airport is crowder than before, those just shew how big it meant to American. It was very unforgettable moment also for me. At the school, I’m part of the soccer team. We involved in the league. Practice was held almost everyday and I had to be ready for that. One thing that I realized is sport here is very important and famous. No matter what sport you are involved in, It still has great atmosphere. Because before I thougt maybe only football (American) and baseball those were famous then I was wrong. We played home & away game and we participated in the tournament. Some of our teammates held the team dinner in their house to make us more than just a team.

During the winter break, we chose to go to San Fransisco. A very nice city with a good weather also. It also meant that 2016 was gonna be end. It threw me back to what I’ve done during 2016. Fun, sad, joy, and other moments would always be remembered as I passed 2016. Lots of thing that can’t be described, at that moment also I realized time has passed so fast. I couldn’t even go back to feel that moment again. It also helped me to set my goals for 2017. From my city to San Fransisco, it took about 9 hours. We stopped couple times for eating. In San Fransisco, we went to Golden gate bridge, San Fransisco bay, Alcatraz. It was very nice place to travel.

2017 has come, as the past years, it started with January as the first month. It also means my birthday was going to come. On my birthday I got very good gift : I got chance to play for the team and we won 3–1, Chelsea won 3–0 against Leicester, and also I got gift. What a wonderful day it was!.

2017 is still going, being an exchange student is one of the unforgettable moment in my life. U.S Election, Superbowl, etc are just some of the other interesting things those had been done. With 5 months left, I’ll explore and experience more and more.

“Experience, travel — These are as education in themselves.”

Tustin, February 10, 2017

Muhammad Rizky Firdaus

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