My Second Home

Rhajiv Nur Ilham (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

I had a dream to be an exchange student in another country when I was 14. I was trying to figure out how to make it happen. I have been waiting for a while, and now I am an exchange student in the United States.

I have been in the America for approximately eight months. I tested bitter and sweet already during my exchange year. As an exchange student, I got a lot of experiences this far. I did a lot of new things. I can tell how much America changed me in a good way. Eight months is not a long time, but it is enough time to change my personality better than before. America was taking the role in my life to make me better than who I was. I was not born in this country but I can tell that America is the second home for me.

I did not know many things about this country when I just got here. I did not have a good skill to speak in English either. I learned and keep learning about what I suppose to do in this country. I learned how to increase my English in every single day so that I know better what people was talking about. After several months, my English getting better day by day.

Live the life in another country, far away from family, is not easy. I have to be more mature for every single thing in my life. Feeling so homesick at the beginning was one of parts in my exchange year. I could solve it not just because of my own efforts, but also because of the people around me. They made me feel like I am at home, I am with my family. All of their kindness made me feel like home. They did a lot of things for me to ensure that I am enjoying my exchange year in America. Their effort means the world for me.

“Thank you for my host family. I could not be more grateful to have each of you in my life. You are the foreign family that became my real family. You all are one of important parts in my life. I was not always doing well for you but I was trying to do my best for all of you. If I could not do that, I am so sorry. I wants all of you to know how important you all are in my life. I just want to thank you for everything that you did for me already. This is not the time to say good bye but this is the time to say see you later whenever I see you someday”

Home is the place that make me feel safe and I can tell that America means home so much for me. I have a wonderful host family and amazing friends. They are not just American friends, but also the other friends from other countries. I also have an outstanding placement organization and the local coordinator who always make sure that I am doing well.

My exchange year is about to end. I cannot even tell how my feeling is. All of my feelings mixed with each other. I am happy to see everything that I have back to my country but I know that it is going to be hard for leaving this country and all the people that made my year already.

I came to the United States just with intention inside my heart. I got homesick at the first days and then I wake up. I live my life as an exchange student, enjoying every single thing in the United States. Then, in less than two months, I have to go back to my home country. With all the stories that I have, I can tell that I will leave my home for home.

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