Noch 6 Monaten

M. Heaven N Handoko (INA AFS to Switzerland YP 16–17)

„Ciao! Was machst du? Wie viel Uhr ist jetzt? Sollen wir gehen? Ich habe hunger. Ich habe kein lust. Merci!”

Those are some usual words that I always said everywhere and every time. It’s been 6 months I’m here… Switzerland, my second home. Deutsch ist Schwierig!(German is hard) That’s what I think back there when I’m still Indonesia but when I already spend 6 months here the language just come by to my mind and I can speak and I can understand what people says maybe not all of the words he/she says but still I can get what they mean, not just German that I learn but also the everyday dialogue especially in my city because my city speak with a different dialogue like the example “hei mer” It’s mean “Haben Wir” (have we) that was quite different words. I realized not just language that becomes better but also life in here. Getting many friends, getting along with family, exploring city. I have 1 best friend in class and we both like already have a strong bond. We go to class together, we eat in our place nearby market, go somewhere together when weekend is coming.

This February I learned how to ski and it was so cool, skiing on mountain down to the valley. In the 2nd times I play ski I already try to skiing on the hard and long way maybe I fell down 2 times but it’s worth it, the mountains, the snows, the ski, the people everything seems worth. When I saw people play ski I said it was easy but when I try it’s really hard, with some basic training and keep trying and it’s not that hard like I think. Back to family, in here there is a cute baby live in this family the daughter from the daughter of my host mother. When she come here I used to play something with her like dancing or jumping or even playing dices, throwing dices and count how much it got from 6 dices. She likes to call me “Mama” I don’t know why but it’s so cute. Preparing her food and she always smiling to me sometimes laugh. I never though that I can make her really happy and smile. My family too we usually after eating dinner all family member must sit together on 1 table and talk about anything that come in mind or play something together. I like to play card games like literally every card games because I think it’s interesting to play, like an example SRF Card Game. Everyone can play this game because it’s just like a simple question and simple answer but the challenge is the question and the answer is with Swiss German so it’s quite hard. Sometimes my host family laughing because I can’t spell the words correctly and wrong but from that I know how the feeling about having 2 families with different culture. Hope this memories will always be in my mind and will never been forgotten. Merci!

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