One Step to Home from Home

Rama Safitri (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? I wish everything is great. Oh yeah, this is my 3rd newsletter which means it’s my last one. I could not imagine time goes by fast, 9 months already and will be back soon. But I had a weird feeling and hard to say also, actually I am so excited to go back to Indonesia but in the other hand I felt sad too, it’s so hard to leave this wonderful states, host family, friends, and all of things that made my exchange year so incredible. The thing is US to Indonesia did not like Tebing Tinggi to Medan that can be reached within 2 hours which mean It’s so far away. But this is life, you should enjoy every single thing of it because life is not a problem to solved, but a reality to experienced.

Okay let’s begin the story about my last past months in USA J. I was so cheerful that I could be a participant at Better Understanding for a Better World 2016 in Disneyworld, Florida. I was having so much fun in Disneyworld and plus learned many things through these conference like leaderships, unity and diversity, how important to be respectful to others and be a peacemaker to keep this world safe without any violence and war anymore. If it’s not us the young generations, so who else?!

Spring is coming yeay! I had almost two weeks spring break from school so my host mom and I went to Seattle to explore of course and got to meet her friend. We stayed there for about 5 days. In Seattle we went to International District or people said that it was an Asia Town, in fact there were a lot of Asian there; Bainbridge Island which is really pretty; Pike Place Market which is a public market in Seattle, they have a crew of fish mongers who throw fish to entertain customers; Historic Museum, in there I learned about the history of Japanese Camp in World War II; Seattle Aquarium; and Space Needle. Oh yeah, I got to go to Indonesia Restaurant also. I had really great time in Seattle but I couldn’t write it all here, the space isn’t enough haha.

On April 9th-10th AFS NM had a really cool trip. We went to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. White Sand is a Great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world’s largest gypsum dune field. It looks like a beach but there is no water on it. Before we went to White Sands we got to go to Space Museum, although it wasn’t look like NASA Museum but it’s still pretty cool. Like usually we learned many things from there especially about the history of astronomy world and had a chance to wear astronaut costume even though it was too big for me or I’m too small haha. Then we stayed overnight at a church that is a little bit close to the White Sands. And the next day, finally we went to White Sands. There, we were sliding and jumping to the sands, and even some of us got buried in the sand haha.

People said that one of the most important experience in the USA that we as exchange student couldn’t miss is Prom. Yeah, I went to prom. Actually, it was my first time had a party like that, full of dances and fun absolutely. In prom, everybody wore fancy clothes, went to fancy dinner, and went there with a date or if you are single, don’t worry you could also go with your squad which is more fun haha. I went to prom with my friends and it was really fun and the special thing from Prom was, my host mom gave me a really beautiful corsage before I went there, thank you Mom J

I still remember while the first time I arrived in New Mexico and I met my host mom. At first, I said hi and hugged her although I felt a little bit shy. I was thinking that, how will I survived in here with all the different things and plus I will live with a person that I’ve never met before. But day-by-day, I got the answer. I lived in here without any concerned anymore because I have her. She is just not a host mom but she also a best friend that is always there for me no matter what. Because of her support I accomplished many things like got an outstanding grades at school, won a competition, and even she helped me to gain my confidence in order to dare to speak in front of a lot of people.

Dear Mom, words are not enough to describe how much I love you and thank you for everything, I’ll always carry my promise to you that I’ll always to make you proud of me. I love you mom like a circle that has no end. I am so grateful that I could be a part of your family. I will find a way like a scholarship to come back to USA and visit you, I promiseJ.

Dear Friends, thank you for making my exchange year unforgettable. You guys are one of the reasons why I love my exchange year. I will definitely miss you so much.

The more things I’ve experienced the more I realized that my exchange year is almost over. I will leave my home, family, and best friends to return to my home, family, and best friends. I will never forget about this wonderful year. A year that already changed my life, my point of view, and my personality to a better way. But it didn’t change the way I love my country, and even I love it more and more. See you soon Indonesia.

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