One Step to the Finish Line

Naufal Raihan Riandi (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

Hi fellows, I’m Naufal Raihan Riandi from Indonesia. I’m from chapter Bogor and now I’m in Brandon, SD-USA for doing an exchange student program with KL-YES. It’s been almost nine months since I’m here and I can’t believe that I’m still here and in a good condition too. I feel so blessed to be here and learn lots of new stuff here either inside of host family’s culture or American’s Culture. I finally have two different cultures that I actually can collaborate with the two of them. I can feel that I’ve changed a lot from what I used to. I feel like this year is about looking for who you are, being so mature than I used to, Increase your nationalism, and of course lots of life lessons that I learn here.

So anyway, I currently lived with Gingles family here and we’ve done lots of crazy stuff together. I literally feel so stick into this family, well there must be an adaptation to really fit in into this family for first time. I was like really stiff and so freaking polite towards them, like I mean super formal towards them haha. I remember first time I met them in the airport, I totally didn’t know how to respond to them regarding to my English skills and also that I actually like really stiff there haha, but now, not anymore. One of the unforgettable moment for me is when we had musical in our school. It’s totally my first and my last musical in my life. My host brother; Brad, was being one of the main character there and me as a salesmen person which showed up in the opening scene and my host sister; Amanda, was in the orchestra for the musical. Our musical for this year was “The Music Man” which is a musical drama from the 60’s. We took a bunch of pictures there and lots of people came to us and say “You guys did a great job!” it was really something for me and especially when my other exchange student friends came to see my show and gave me a bouquet and supported me from the audience seat, it was totally one of my unforgettable moment that I’ve ever had in live. They literally yelled my name “NAUFAL!!!” when I showed up on stage hahaha.

So that’s super cool moment that I have with my siblings basically. There’re lots of tremendous moments with this family that I will never forget especially how they treated me while I’m here. I’m so glad that I found you guys and be with this family for a year. My exchange student year is colorful and unique because of you guys. There’s no better word beside “Thank you” for everything that you gave to me. I will never be able to payback your kindness, affection, and every lessons that you gave to me. It’ll always stick in my head like writing your name in a solid rock. When I get home soon, it’s going to be really hard to see you guys again and it’s not the end of our relationship as a big family, but it’s just the beginning of true relationship! I’m going to miss you guys so much and trying to visit you guys someday, I don’t know when but if god says “yes” so I can visit you guys. Once again thank you so much for being my awesome host family that I already acknowledge you guys as part of our family too!

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