Ni Putu Sukma Aryanti (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

Opportunity is a chance, a chance is a possibility, possibility is a moment, and moment is life. Opportunity gives me a life, because it tells me to try something. Without opportunity my life is boring, there is no adventure, there is no experience, and there is no worry. For me, life is never flat because life is like a wave. I like when I have an opportunity. Opportunity is precious moment for me, because the moment could not be obtained twice. Opportunity makes me do something that I never done before. Opportunity makes me live in another part of the world. Opportunity makes me learn how diversity we are. Opportunity makes me a human. I believe, where there is an opportunity, there is a will.

First, I start a journey with a blank book and hopes of many people as well as the provision of the volunteers. I think many of us who may already feel how life abroad, but for me that never been out of the country other than my own country, may feel very nervous. Particularly leave my beloved country for the first time is very difficult. Everything might be different abroad, and of course I can’t equate everything as my own country. I am coming here in the new world and I am adapting.

Time continues to unfold, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and season after season. Similarly, the days turned into months, months turned into years. And now imperceptible, blank books that initially I brought contain many things that might not be able to describe in words. The book is already filled half way, which means that this adventure live half way again. Sometimes, I do not feel that the time is running out. The time also whispered to me on this adventure. He says that I have to enjoy every moment in this adventure. And otherwise, the time just let me feel my feeling about this journey without worry about him.

Once, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a cheerleader. Then in here, as an exchange student I try to engage in many activities. This season, I join Cheerleading in my school. Well, I never imagine this would happen in my life. I have amazing friends. They are so awesome. Even though I never know anything about cheer, but they help me a lot. I am so happy.

You know what? Kids are awesome. That is why I love to be a mentor for a kid. So, every Tuesday and Friday, I always go to the Kindergarten to mentoring a kid. My kid is so cute and smart. I like to teach him and play with him. One of my friend said, “How could you really understand the kids? I mean they just always love you. I just wonder though.” Because I don’t know the answer so I just smile at her. Well, kids always asking an embarrassing question but don’t worry, because they just kids.

I believe exchange year is one of my important years of my life. It is not just about representing country. It is also about our self. It is about our personality. It is to identify yourself. And know the real you are. I never imagine before that I got selected as one of the All-Star Honor Choir in University of Montana. This is the next level of a singer. The nomination came from Montana State, Idaho State, Wyoming State and Washington State. I was so happy because I never thinking about stuff like this and I got selected to represent my high school with other two of my friends. Back home, I am not really engage in Choir and sings stuff. Otherwise, in here I am taking Choir Classes and selected as the Voice Primo (it is kind of an advance choir where you need to audition first) member in my school.

Last thing, the wonderful of snow. As a tropical kid, I am so crazy about snow. Well, back on summer in Whitefish, I was thinking that I will die when the winter season. You know why? It was summer but cold for me. So, yeah I am afraid. But as long as the time run. Winter is not really as cold as I imagine. I mean, I still alive now. The best part of winter is skiing. I live in Whitefish, Montana which is one of the beautiful towns for tourism. There is a big mountain. So when it is winter I can go skiing. I never seen snow and I didn’t know what is skiing, but now snow is one of amazing thing that I ever seen and skiing is one of the adrenalin sport that really I like.

I know the journey still continue. I hope I could face this next 5 month. Thank you for my family in Indonesia and also thank you for my American family in Whitefish. Thank you for all of my friends. Thank you for all of the volunteers for this program. Without all of their supports, I don’t think I could do this. Believe in yourself. Everything can be happen, but it needs start with you first. See you on June.

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