Thank You

Bunga Sri Hidayat  (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

A year has passed and I am lost in a world that I always dreamt about. I am lost in full happiness, but now I have to come back home. I just remember couples months ago when I was struggling to find friends or just find somebody to talk in school. But it did not take long time though, I find of crazy girls that I thought they are arrogant or something but they are not, they have become my best friends. They who at first thought that I was a stranger and the people who just randomly in the same class or club, who always send me hilarious text messages or pictures bring me laughter or maybe tears to my heart. I went to the mall with them, tried new foods, watched movies, or just chilled. They made my lunch so fun every day, they are the only reason why I go to school.

Now, I am in world where I want to grow up, find more details about myself and be my own person. I feel I have changed. I become more responsible about myself. My mom in Indonesia used to help me a lot, for example prepare my lunch, especially when I was busy about school, but now I have to figure it out by myself, no matter what happen I have to do it by my own. I learned how to make good decisions, determine which are good or bad for me. I love my parents more since I got here, being far from them make me realized that I was so stupid that I wasn’t spent much time with them when I was there.

At the beginning, everything looked so hard. It felt difficult to adjust to everything with new people, new perspectives, new culture and new language. Fortunately, God gave me O’toole family to be my host family. And sent me a girl from Thailand to become my double placement and my sister. We through almost everything together. My host family become home for me. And my double placement is my best friend. In no time at all, I will leave my home to return to my home. Not long enough, too short to say goodbye to a family, where I can be a part of them, who just randomly chose me because they thought that I’m too cute. I am not sure about that but I just say thank you.

Anyway, I will give my warmest hugs and there may be tears for the people who opened their hearts and home to me and love me since the past few months. The people who teach me how to be a lady, how to have fun, how to fall in love, how to solve a broken heart, or even just how to cook. Laughs, smiles, sarcasm, tears, hugs, kicks will always missed by me.

Food is an interesting thing for me to talk about. When I just arrive here, I don’t like any American food, to be honest I felt like want to vomit when I try them. I just ate bread with strawberry spread in the first few weeks but now I can’t stop eating American food and candy that I love so much. Taco is my favorite. Shrimp fajitas is also my favorite. I also tried new sports that I never played before, with no experience at all, I went to a tennis tournament that brought so many hopes. It was so much fun.

Now, I know how to control money. I know how hard to make money or even just how to ask my natural parents about money. I don’t want to bother them so I have found a way to live with a small amount of money. Also, friends have taught me how to have fun without money.

A year has passed (again). I don’t want to leave but I have to. I am not ready for any drama back home but I will always remember the love for me at my home will always be there. I will realize that the things that were the most important to me a year ago don’t seem to matter so much anymore, and the things we hold highest now, no one at home will ever understand.

Experiences that I got since about nine months ago are hard to describe. Too much memories that I will never forget. Some experience that maybe I will not able to do in Indonesia and memories that are just too sweet. This is the best year in my life so far. A year that I know so much about myself and how to adjust with everything. Now, I am not me in the past few months ago.

I got many cultural and religious experiences in the United State. Such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, and lately we had Easter, which is typically related with eggs and bunny. I had a lot of fun, we decorated eggs and had a lot of food at that day. I gained my weight about 5 kg already.

Thank God to let me did this exchange year happily. This is the most learning year for me in my life. I can say, the best year in my life. To my host family, Thank you for everything that you all done for me. My exchange year would not be this wonderful without you. To my host mom, thank you so much for your hugs before I go to the bed, your spectacular meatloaf. To my host papa, thank you for every love and ice cream. You I know I love you more than ice cream. Don’t work so hard. To my host brother, thank you for being silly with me most of the time and I love you forever. Thank you so much guys.

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