The Impressive of a Short Time

Pradipta Bambang Murtianto (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

It seemed just yesterday I step my feet on the Columbus continent, but 9 months already gone. Actually that is not a short time at all to be far away from everybody I love and bunch of stuffs happened during that time, both here and in Indonesia that I and my family cannot enjoy together as before. But anyway, we all already got used to and can manage our feeling well. Last nine months is not just about exchange year and happiness. It´s not easy to get involved in this environment where everything is new and different. I remember on the first time I tried to apply on this scholarship and did a lot of struggles and finally on August 2015, I found myself was standing in my dream country together with wonderful kids from all over the world.

The adventure is started then. First three months was important for me because during that time any kind of adjustments were introduced, began from family, friends, school, language, even homesick, which were not as easy as expected before to be hold. This time, every exchange student became the center of interest especially at school. So, I had many chances to answer people’s question about Indonesia and from there I could get best friends which I can hang out with during the year.

Second and third three months can be stated as the peak of exchange year in general. I became more open minded and braver to get more involvement in the communities. I experienced a lot of big celebrations such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, International Education Week, Easter, also school trip to other states and learnt deeper about American History.

Now, the last days of the exchange year are coming. I feel the same feeling as before I leave from my hometown. I’m excited but I really want to stay longer. I miss everything but I still want to gather with my new family, best friends, and communities here. This is my second home, even I was not born here, but I love to stay. Not because of the given facilities, but because of great impression since I came last year.

Anyway, on this last moment, I still experienced amazing things. With my placement organization, I got a chance to visit State Capitol, NASA Space Center, Holocaust Museum, and became a part of the biggest parade of the year in Texas, called Fiesta Parade. It was kind of unbelievable when I visited NASA Space Center because I usually just see it on a movie. On the next event, I learnt another history that happened during World War II in the Europe, Holocaust Museum, and we have to make a paper butterfly represented kids who died during Holocaust Genocide Tragedy. There, I really can feel to become alone -without family, friends, or anyone- because all of them died. Of course, this activity was held to remain us to always be grateful and never give up.

When this passage was written, I was about to leave around 42 days left. It’s time to say thank you and good bye, do little preparation and try to get closer and closer to host family also friends. Almost everybody ask me when I’m going to leave and am I going to go back to visit them again or not. For the second question, I just can tell them that I really want to go back, but I do not know when…

“Dear My Host Family, Friends, Teachers and Communities

Hi everybody, thank you for everything y’all gave to me -your love, patience, time, dedication-, it’s going to be one of my best year I’ve experienced so far. It’s a great honor for having wonderful relationship and attach me into your part of life. No word can I say better than thank you and hoping for God’s bless for us. Thank you for this amazing exchange year, I’ll never forget you for my entire life.

See you next time! “

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