The Next Step

Aldia Sarah Firdausi (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

Time flies faster than I anticipated. The last part of my stay in the United Sates comes to its end. I will be saying goodbye soon to the new family I have made, and the beautiful friendships that we found by a chance, with the people that I didn’t know even exist in this world before I met them here. Even though the road was rough and rocky, the challenges that meet me here makes me fall in love with my host city, with the people, and I am sure they make me found my new home.

Dreams and hopes, which we always pursue, always lead us into one question: “What will be my next step?” It has been proven that we never know what will happen to us in the next second, sometimes we need to go through scary things that we have never imagine will happen to us. But after all, nothing is so scary when we face it. I always ask myself what did I learn every day, and most of the lesson I have learned come from my mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes, is there any of them that I regret? No. Mistakes lead us to consider a better path for our next step.

Here, I meet my fellow student council. They teach me how to be a leader. They showed me that you don’t have to be somebody else to be good. We had a great time working together, and I am glad that I got to be chosen to be a part of it.

Not only that, I learn how to appreciate more here. Being a small community, my school is a wonderful art community. We have a lot appreciation of art, something that I have fell in love with. This wonderful experience to being involved in an art community make me learn a lot of new things and making arts with different ways!

Out of 180 students, we have 16 exchange students! How amazing it is. I expected that I will be the only exchange student in my host school but I was wrong. We are there for each other, no matter how different our cultures are. We have made a wonderful friendship and they teach me how it to be a global society. It makes me happy to know there is somebody that cares for you in the other part of the world. And if something ever happen to them, you are directly involve with it, therefore, you care more about what happen surround you.

Every story has an ends, but an end leads to a new beginning, new adventure, new question. Every story has an ends, but that makes us able to stepped out and look back, learn from what have been our mistakes, to make a better plan for our new adventure. I am grateful from the experience that makes me learn and have better acknowledgement about myself.

People say that we met people in our lives for a reason, and we will meet the one that help us to learn the most. I am grateful that I found my host family, who helped me to learn, they let me to say my words, and they show me what is care and love. They made me learn and know myself better, they made me lean how to survive in the next step that I will take. Maybe there will be nothing I could use to say enough thank to them.

Thank you for let me being who I am, and made me who I am

Thank you for the caring, the open heart you gave

Thank you for welcome me for being the part of the family

I am grateful to know you, to know there will be another home halfway around the world

This experience made me learn of woe I am in this world, and who am I going to be. It has been amazing to have the adventure that I have and I promise I will take what I have here and put it into my next step.

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