I Made Widi Yudiatmika (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

It has been a wonderful decade for my life. I felt so grateful with something that every tropical kid has wondering about. Interesting condition with under 0℃, so warm huh? Just kidding. My winter break was awesome, we went to the mountain and stayed for 2 days. The reason why we went is for having fun with all the family members.

We played in a snow and that was a lot of fun. We did inner tube sliding at the hill that covered by a lot of snows. That was my first time, and I know that might be my last time too. That is why I was enjoying every single second in a snow days. The next day we went back to home.

The funny part is right after 2 weeks off during the winter break, Portland as my host city had a lot of snows. The whole city was shut down for about 2 days, and the school off for 1 week. Do you know how crazy that was? It seems like we don’t have enough snow at mountain. My host family said it not normal that Portland has a lot of snow for winter. They said it happened once in a while, and they said the last time was 5 years ago. I feel lucky to be here in this interesting weather.

A lot of Portlandian said that they don’t even know how to drive in a snow days because they don’t use to it. But it’s good for me, more days off its mean more days to playing with snows. I made my first snowman, well that was a snow bear technically. I’m glad that I can experienced it. The days after that the snows keep coming to my city like they want to play with me, but I never tired of it.

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