Winter to Remember

Lely Ayusukma Bakti (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

I put my coat on walking out of the door feel the wind blow my hair, snow cover my boots, I walk through cold weather but somehow I feel my heart is warm. It’s already 6 months I’ve been stayed in Big Piney Wyoming. I discover a lot more about place that I lived in right now and one of them is about winter time in Wyoming. My first winter is like first love that hard to forget. So here’s the story of my first winter experience. I never expect snow to come early for me this year, but it’s really coming early in Big Piney. While in October some state still enjoy fall season, here I got my first snow. I remember when I watch tv with dad and mom and someone knock our front door. It’s my mom’s friend coming. He talk for a while with me and saying “Hey Lely, do you know that it’s snowing outside?” and I answer “Really?” I’m so excited. I open the front door, I’m amazed seeing snow and my dog really excited too at that time. I walk outside the door with only wear sweatshirt with long pant without wearing any socks or shoes. My dad come with me and take picture of my very first snow. I’m really excited and not forget that I’m not put my shoes on. I play snowball with my dog. I only stay for 10 minutes because Dad tell me I will have cold if I stay too long outside. Dad make me hot chocolate for both of us and we have a little talk about snow and showing me picture that he take. It is hilarious picture. I post that picture on my facebook account and the next day when I come to school my friend ask me “Hey Lely, do you love snow?” and I say “yes, I love it because it’s my first time” and she can’t believe that it is my first time. So she say “Hey Lely do you know what? I love the snow too,but not the cold with the wind”. Well,I think it’s kinda true. Time flies by and it comes to December. Two weeks before Christmas,my family and I decor our house with Christmas decoration. My mom tell me that it’s kinda frustrating when we decor Christmas decoration without any snow. We just hoping that we can get snow one week before Christmas.

Finally 3 days before Christmas we get snow,but not that much and we still keep hoping about wake up at white Christmas. We celebrate Christmas at Casper, Wyoming where my host brothers live. It was not a lot of snow but in Christmas morning I woke up at white Christmas. We started the day by opening presents downstairs by the fireplace. I gave my mom a mug written her favorite animal and hot sauce for my dad because he really like it. I never expect that I also got present from my host parents. This is my very first Christmas present. He gave me a shower speaker because they know that I really like to sing. Well, maybe I’m not a professional singer but I guess I called myself a bathroom singer. I’m grateful to have them in my life. After celebrate Christmas break in Casper we visit Jackson, Wyoming for my Christmas break. I enjoy seeing mountain cover by snow. It’s like cake covered by powder sugar. In the middle of our road trip my dad stopped the car. My mom said we should take a picture in front of the moose. I was so excited because I had never seen a real moose in my life. There was a lot of snow, so we had to be really careful. I was a little bit nervous because it was really huge. I was afraid that the moose would kick me. I asked my mom if it was real and why he was alone. She didn’t answer me. She just keep walking. Finally I reached the front of the moose. He was so tall! I tried to touch him. I thought he was tame because he didn’t move, but I began to realize that he was a sculpture moose. We laughed because it was a hilarious moment. I would never ever trade my host family with anything because I got the best family ever. After Christmas break we come back to school. I’m really excited to start new semester because I decided to join choir.

All of my friends in choir are really nice. We sang three songs for Big Piney High School Choir Concert. I already the songs before so I can’t wait until I sang it with them. Fight song by Rachel Platten, Dream on by Aerosmith, Dust in the wind by Kansas, are the songs that we sang together. We also had a special performance by senior class singing Back home by Andy Grammer. I think we sang really great because we sang it with our heart. A lot of people watching our concert make me feel so proud of my choir team. It was really night to remember and if you want to watch it on youtube you can search by typing “Pop Concert 2017” on Sublette county school district 9 channel. I know it’s gave me only 4 months left in here but I will make this 4 months best memories that I can make.

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