Vim Enhanced — — latex-live-preview

I started writing Latex about a year ago. Mostly I use Texmaker and shareLatex as editors, because you can compile with the editor any time you want by just clicking a button and see the outcome. While in terminal, you have to run latex and view a pretty version with xdvi. Sounds good enough ha…

However, this is not that satisfying, you do need to click a button after all, and some times the compiling takes a while (with shareLatex). Every time I wrote latex, I would dream about how wonderful it would be if there is a live pdf outcome shows exactly what I just typed in the editor. That was supposed to be a fantasy.

Two days ago I worked on the report of a final project in latex. I was so tired of clicking that button to see the output. I went to google and just typed in something like “live outcome for latex….”. I got “vim-latex-live-preview”, an awesome plugin for vim does what I exactly want to! Moreover, it’s easy to use. Just by typing :LLPStartPreview command, a live pdf monitor appears. Whenever you save the writing in vim, the updated appears in the pdf immediately. Awesome! One of my dreams about writing latex came true!

To avoid clicking some buttons, maybe you just need to click some others. Sound a little far-fetched and paradoxical, right? Maybe that is life.