After the official completion of the distribution of the BRC tokens, 99.9% of the shipment was satisfactory, a small group of people didn’t place a valid ERC20 address and didn’t get to fill out the form in the appropriate time, We regret no being able to do anymore about it, since we gave out all the facilities of the case.

The distribution of the tokens globally and in a decentralized manner is a key element for the BRC project in this initial phase, for this reason we will show below our geographical participation according to the holders of the BRC tokens worldwide.

This report aims to complete the distribution of the tokens and show in quantitative terms the % distribution of the BRC tokens, We strongly suggest the holders of the BRC tokens not to sell their BRC tokens at ridiculous prices (only 1% is is trading in the exchanges), please wait for our announcements and launch our smart investment platform that will be active soon, we want to remind you that a campaign to publicize the project has not yet been started, we are waiting for the BETA — investment platform, to start the campaign and expand our segments.

Important note: Remember that the BRC tokens will be the only accepted currencies in our platform, we ask the community to keep calm and a little more patience, we are working on the structure and the legal aspects of the project so that in the medium term it will not be see affected by any factor that are currently threatening projects of this type, take into account that our platform will not give rewards for referrals, investments are directly with the investor and without intermediaries, our priority is the quality and security that our platform can offer to its users for this reason we are making changes of concept for the promotion of the platform, remember that the Binarycoin project will allow you to make Smart investments within your platform, using BRC in investment mode and obtaining BTC in profit mode.

Best regards.