BinaryVR Announcing Advisor Philip Rosedale

Philip Rosedale

We are pleased to announce that Philip Rosedale is joining BinaryVR as an advisor. As a lifelong entrepreneur and technology innovator, Philip was CTO @ RealNetworks, and the founder and CEO of the virtual world Second Life @ Linden Lab. He is cofounder @ High Fidelity, a creator of a social virtual reality world.

Since the incorporation of BinaryVR, Philip has become the first true believer in our mission: bringing humanity into virtual reality. He has worked on bringing the avatar to life at High Fidelity and agrees how important our real-time facial expression tracking technology is for people to experience the virtual world in a more immersive manner. He also deeply understands our technology, and we’ve already gotten countless feedback on the direction of the overall business as well as development. As Metaverse will be 1000 times the size of earth in future, his advice will improve our solution so that we can help people socialize with others in this huge virtual reality universe.

Welcome on board!

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