The Digital Age Friendship

The title is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it?

Friendship in the digital age.

I took a poll on Twitter recently where 50% of the 52 people who took it said they have met some interesting people through Twitter. 10% said Tinder and 1 person said Reddit. People are slowly but surely getting comfortable meeting new people from Social Networking websites and there are many events happening around the same.

Like tweet-ups, book meets, startup events, etc. People who share similar interests come together and discuss things. The crowd is diverse, open to meeting people (new or repeated) and many end up following/becoming friends on some Social Network.

I can personally vouch for making new friends in Mumbai and Bangalore & meeting people over Social Network as I have made some amazing friends and know great people from varied industries!

However, there is a flip side to this. 40% said they’ve met interesting people offline. Away from Social Networking. Via friends or relatives or simply by attending an event which wasn’t an “online event”. The reason could be that they like a private life where no one can track them on Social Networks. Because let’s face it, in this time and age, Twitter and Facebook get to you at some point with all the over communication and over information being thrown in your face.

I am sure there are days when we feel that too. I do. Days when I want to switch off data and stay away and read a book, catch up with people from times when we didn’t have WhatsApp or Twitter. The trend these days is “taking a Social Network break” and going off radar for some days. Which in turn increases productivity, makes sure you sleep better and are away from unnecessary negativity/discussions.

In conclusion, friendship in the Digital Age is a double edged sword. You want to network but you need to keep some distance sometimes as well.

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