Bindu Vethody is a Well-Established Real Estate Lawyer Based in California

Bindu Vethody is a highly-experienced real estate lawyer in California. For more than 20 years, she has been offering clients with residential and commercial real estate services. She is the owner and operator of her law firm where she provides the best possible deal while protecting your legal assets. Prior to establishing her law firm, she worked for many insurance companies in California where she was taking care of real estate, tax planning, asset management and insurance services.

Bindu Vethody deals with construction issues, purchase and sale agreements, landlord & tenant disputes, real estate litigation matters, resolving real estate frauds, title disputes or disagreements and many more. In addition to this, she also provides contract, deed and document review on various matters. From start to finish, she provides legal guidance and assistance and works diligently to gain the trust & confidence that her clients place in her.

In real estate, Bindu Vethody has specialized knowledge and in-depth understanding to protect the rights of the clients. She helps clients draw up a lease agreement based on California real estate law when leasing a property and represents her clients in the Court. In addition to this, she also handles building and remodeling agreements, and works to settle disputes regarding materials, budget, craftsmanship, and other related issues.

Bindu Vethody carefully listens to her clients’ issues to help them reach settlement agreements. To ensure the best possible results for them, she also works with insurance agents, inspectors, banks and other financial institutions. She uses persistent and impetuous legal strategies to protect the interests of her clients. She has excellent communication skills and is capable of using these skills while conveying her message to clients, colleagues, judges, and others. She always remains prepared for any kind of meetings in the court. In addition to this, she keeps her clients informed about the developments in their case. She also helps them with security deposits, reviewing of the statement, promissory note, bills of sale and trust deed.