BINEX.TRADE announces an exciting giveaway

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In a bid to give community members a chance of being a part of BINEX.TRADE’s vision, the exchange has announced a novel giveaway. This giveaway coupled with the exchange’s referral program shall allow users to acquire BEX tokens over and above those that they already own.

The giveaway is intended as an additional incentive for BINEX.TRADE users who garner the most referrals within a specific period like a week and a month. Ostensibly, the highest reward is reserved for the user who gets the maximum referrals during the crowdsale.

BINEX.TRADE shares 70 percent of its trading commission with BEX token holders on a daily basis (BEX is an ERC20 token that powers the Binex Trade ecosystem). In other words, BEX token holders have an opportunity to earn a regular income for a lifetime. While there is a limit on how many BEX tokens can be purchased via the crowdsale, the referral program is an opportunity to earn additional BEX tokens. The giveaway is like an icing on the cake. If that were not enough, BINEX.TRADE also has a special offer for members who garner the maximum conversions from their referrals. In essence, conversions are referrals who invest in BEX tokens during the crowdsale.

Top referrals shall be rewarded in the following manner:

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BEX Distribution per winners
Top referral of the week — 100 BEX
Top referral of the month — 500 BEX
Top referral of the crowdsale — 1000 BEX

Total BEX Distribution for winners
weekly winners — 100*7 = 700 BEX
1 winner for July 2018 = 500 BEX
1 crowdsale winner = 1000 BEX
Total token giveaway: 2200 BEX

(Terms & Conditions apply)

The giveaway is an endeavor to reward proactive members and give a boost to BINEX.TRADE’s community building measures. This is also a golden opportunity for members to invest in their future and protect themselves from the vagaries of cryptocurrency trading by garnering BEX tokens.

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