Bingo COINS: the journey so far…

Almost every industry is affected by the major players in the industry. Gambling has such characteristics.

Since the time of the Ridotto, gambling has been a turning point. Gambling has long been regarded as an unfair industry.

However, the emergence of network communication has had a great impact on the whole industry, but it has not been solved in many ways, but it has reduced the gap between traditional gambling systems.

In addition, the emergence of an Internet bubble is still an important milestone. However, gambling is still an industry that has not yet met the main needs of active participants in the industry.

For the random number generated by the fairness of the demand and demand for fast or instant payment system, the industry stakeholders, especially the players remain anonymous when betting platform needs is very important.

Another invention that is close to meeting this need is innovation in the blockchain system. The blockchain system can achieve anonymity, eliminate gambling, and eliminate the trust of the potentially corrupt central powers.

The block chain protocol is the latest online gambling platform, and the most distinctive feature is the erc-20 protocol. Although this helps the online gambling industry made some progress, but it cannot provide the long-term problems facing the industry useful solutions. Bingo the main idea of the COINS in online gaming platform is still use ERC — 20 agreement online gambling platform memory delay deposit and payment system, and seeking to fill in the blanks.

Bingo Coin’s mission is to provide a reliable, unlimited, secure and fast online gambling platform supported by the Libertas Chain.

The main reason for the success of bingo COINS is…

Bingo, which began operating in June 2018 with an English coin platform,, has a strong desire to provide solutions to online gambling problems. It provides an untrusted, real-time and completely free online platform, the player can give up the game and anonymous by function called BOC token receive payment immediately, the function of the token can completely free for BTC or ETH.

The bingo coin project has successfully introduced many of the games described in the white paper, and games such as slot machines, roulette and sports betting have been heavily involved with players on the platform. So far, more than a million players have expressed concern about the platform.

Bingo Coin has been a potential participant in online gambling. A project that starts with “adventure” soon got a lot of praise, a rating agency, and then the “stable”. Bingo “project is the only online gaming platform, based on the block Chain using named Libertas Chain of advanced technology, rather than the commonly used its speed is slow, ERC — 20 unsuitable RNG and online gambling.

Bingo has successfully partnered with some of the biggest players in the entertainment industry. The most important thing is to work with Asia Live Tech to use our technology to develop projects on the bingo coin platform.

Pre-sale of bingo COINS has been a great success. This shows that we have full confidence in the ability of trust investors to develop the first stage of the token sale.

Bingo Coin, which is preparing to become a game changer for online gambling, is now offering an ICO public offering. After that, the whole development plan was about to begin, and bingo soon began to make a splash in the cryptocurrency market.

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