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Topic: Xi Jinping for foreign visit

Photo from BBC

1Xi Jinping and David Cameron hold talks at Chequers and visited a pub for fish and chips and a pint. The news just attracted my attention at once, such meetings are very innovative, just like two old friends that haven’t seen each other for a long time, reunited under the same roof, and chatted over a bottle, the video conveys the relaxed and pleasent atmosphere. This also reflects the close relationship between Chinese and British leaders. These three medias through the way of text, pictures and video to report the news respectively.

Photo from BBC

2 President Xi jinping and British Prime Minister Cameron visited Manchester city football academy. They visited exhibition of football history, watched the Manchester City Football Club players training and match data analysis system , also watched the club’s first team players training. The England National Football Museum gave Xi jinping the photocopy of the earliest modern football rules as present, Xi jinping gave the ancient chinese cuju in return. Later, Xi Jinping and Cameron met with Manchester City’s top scorer Aguero, they took a lovely selfie together. Soccer is the most widely spread sport in the world today, with widespread social impact, deeply loved by people around the world. Britain is the birthplace of modern soccer and the powerful nations of soccer. Sports communication is an important component of the Sino-British cultural exchanges. China and Britain should strengthen sports, including soccer, exchanges and cooperation, improve the health level of the people of the two countries, promote the Sino-British friendship. 

3The leaders of China and Taiwan have held historic talks in Singapore — their first in more than 60 years.This 1:50 minutes long video shows Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou shook hands at the start of the talks, which were seen as largely symbolic, then the reporter narrate the issue between mainland and Taiwan, quite summarized well.

4This is a really interesting article. It assumes that some of the questions that could crop up and could get awkward during an hour-long meeting between Xi jinping and Ma Yingjiu. Also reflects some current problems exists between mainland and Taiwan. Interesting at the same time also make people think more.

5 President Xi at G20 and APEC

China Daily made a special topic. Put all relevant articles together, this is very convenient for readers to read.

The Paper also made a special topic. Compare with China Daily, The Paper more biased in favor of the interpretation of the news, more in-depth, retain its unique perspective and taste.

6This photo essay has reviewed what the leaders wore in previous years at APEC (Including this time in Philippines 2015). It is kinda interesting that people usually wants to know more about, because it is not so serious issue.

7This is an infographic, it brings clarity to readers what is G20 in focus, gives a more intuitive feelings.

8This article is about the topics that Xi Jinping talked about at all previous APEC meetings. Since becoming the president of China, Xi Jinping attended the APEC meeting in three times. Overview of Xi’s speech, the annual speech are not isolated, there is a review of the last year and the vision of the future. 1. The role of the Asia-Pacific economy in the global economy 2.Talk about China’s economy 3.The relationship between China and Asia Pacific 4.Talk about connectivity 5.Talk about the Asia-Pacific Community

9This two photo essays shows the schedule of President Xi Jinping in Turkey and Philippines attends G20 and APEC summit. I think I like reading photo essay more than just a single article, because I can see the character’s expression, emotion, movement from pictures, this is what is lacking in an single article.