Giving Back: Binish Qureshi Explains the Personal Impact of Working with Charities

Charitable organizations are fundamental to cultivating positive change; however, their services rely on the generosity of the public to continue their efforts. While partaking in charitable initiatives is often promoted to our youth, it is imperative to continue participating in philanthropic endeavors well into adulthood.

Binish Qureshi is a London-based entrepreneur, investor, and real estate developer, and the founder of FJ Corporation Ltd. As an active member of her community, she has made it her social responsibility to support various causes that continue to inspire change. Additionally, her primary objective is to remain a continuous source of motivation for her four children.

Inspire Others

Participating in a charitable initiative is a means to fuel motivation and propel others to make a difference. As a social act, when individuals witness positive change, they are more likely to undergo their own efforts to give back.

Binish Qureshi argues that inspiration facilitates progress and encourages individuals to empower friends and family members by educating them on both local and global issues. As an advocate for charitable initiatives, Qureshi has made continuous contributions to the Dar ul Sukun Trust in Pakistan: an organization that provides rehabilitation to children with both physical and intellectual disabilities. She also supports the Saylani Welfare International Trust, a Pakistani charity that focuses on providing necessities to the homeless. With a vast network of 125 different branches operating in various major cities, their efforts help approximately 125,000 individuals daily.

Qureshi states that for individuals who are unable to contribute financially, volunteering time is also a productive means to generate social awareness. Ultimately, giving to charity helps to foster meaningful relationships through a shared vision.

Strengthen Personal Values

Taking the time to work alongside a charity provides a unique opportunity to strengthen personal values. Values are characteristics and behaviors that govern our decision-making abilities and play a fundamental role in both personal and professional success.

Binish Qureshi claims giving to charity helps educate her children on the importance of generosity. She states that taking the time to showcase her efforts will hopefully influence their perspective growing up, and encourage them to make decisions that will positively impact others.

Skill Development

Participating in a charitable initiative not only helps individuals in need, it is also an investment in personal development. Volunteering often exposes people to different environments, where they are given the opportunity to network and enhance their skill set. Whether it is organizing a fundraiser, or planning an event, taking on a communal role enables individuals to experiment with potential career paths.

Increased Happiness

As a critical component in improving our happiness, various studies have pointed towards the positive psychological effects of giving. By utilizing MRI scans, researchers have been able to identify the neural link between happiness and generosity. Although not entirely clear how experts claim that making generosity a regular habit, can have a long-term effect on one’s overall well-being.

A Step in the Right Direction

Charitable initiatives are a powerful force when it comes to inspiring individuals to give back to their local community or help support foreign aid. Binish Qureshi claims that change is the product of hard work, and believes that we can all play a meaningful role in assisting others. She encourages individuals to locate a charity that resonates with them and discover how they can help influence the lives of those in need.

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Director and Founder of FJ Corporation Ltd. | London | Dubai | Pakistan

Director and Founder of FJ Corporation Ltd. | London | Dubai | Pakistan