BIOAGE raises $23M to scale AI-driven platform to discover and develop drugs that treat aging

BIOAGE was founded to develop therapies that extend human lifespan because we are convinced this is the most powerful way to address the chronic diseases of aging. Your risk of getting — and dying from — heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases rises precipitously with age. The current approach of treating these diseases one at a time is not effective. For most individual patients, the last two decades of life are typically spent managing multiple debilitating chronic diseases. This results in poor quality of life and an unmanageable economic burden for the healthcare system as a whole. This is why treating aging directly can transform the future of healthcare. Science has confirmed that there are interventions and targets that positively impact multiple chronic diseases by influencing fundamental processes of aging; it follows that working on these will deliver higher impact for human health.

At BIOAGE, we’ve built a machine learning and systems biology platform to identify the key biological pathways and drug targets that impact human longevity. Our platform leverages rich “omics” data (metabolomics, proteomics, and more) that we generate from human blood samples linked to detailed follow-up medical records that include disease incidence, frailty, and mortality. We’ve also developed internal biology and in vivo screening capabilities to enable us to rapidly test and validate each candidate target in experimental models of aging.

As a company, we’re now at the stage where we’ve demonstrated the potential of our platform, and are ready to scale our efforts to advance many promising drug targets in parallel. I’m excited to announce today that we’ve raised $23M in Series B financing. This round was led by Felicis Ventures with participation from existing investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Caffeinated Capital, PEAR Ventures, and AME Cloud Ventures. We’re also excited to welcome new investors and partners Khosla Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. The new funding brings our total amount raised to approximately $37M.

We’ve shown that we can go from large scale human data sets to validated drug targets for aging, and discover advanced leads directed towards those targets. We’ve recently filed IP to protect novel molecules directed against our first such target, and our new funding will allow us advance this first asset through IND enabling studies while accelerating the development of our broad pipeline of drug targets for aging.

We’re building BIOAGE to be a platform for high-throughput target identification followed by high-throughput biological validation for human aging targets. We’ve grown to be a cross-functional team with deep expertise in data science and bioinformatics, the biochemistry and biology of aging, and in drug discovery and development.

Only very recently has it become possible to realistically envision a roadmap for understanding and treating aging in humans, ultimately adding years to our lifespans and blunting the impact of chronic diseases. The science is ready: multiple interventions have been shown to robustly increase model organism lifespan and healthspan. The data are ready: new omics technologies can deeply profile human samples and take a snapshot of all biological activity. And the algorithms are ready: unbiased, data-driven AI approaches can leverage massive amounts of biological data to build lists of testable hypotheses and predictions. At BIOAGE, our mission is to harness all these advances to map, target, and treat all human aging pathways, and to bring to the clinic therapies that ultimately have the potential to treat aging itself.

Kristen Fortney, PhD, CEO of BIOAGE

Faster drug discovery for aging

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