3 Ideas That Are Keeping You From Being A Successful Entrepreneur

You may be wondering why you should care about developing your entrepreneurial skills. The Internet provides a vast sea of opportunity, just waiting to grant you the ability to be your own boss and get a paycheck to live out your dreams, right? But the environment the Internet has created for entrepreneurs is a double-edged sword. The advent of the Internet has provided an unprecedented access to information, flooding the world with “experts,” or at least a large group of people with actionable knowledge on just about any topic. Our skills and our ideas are no longer as unique as we would like to think. Personal development is of the utmost importance in breaking away from the noise and gaining a competitive edge.

When everyone is an “entrepreneur,” how do you stand out from the crowd?

In spite of the sudden ingest of self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, don’t be scared away from building your entrepreneurial ideas. “Entrepreneur” has become a buzzword. The level of prestige associated with this word leads many to broaden their definition of “entrepreneur”, in an attempt to label themselves as one. While the visual representation of an entrepreneurial person appears to change fluidly when examined across history, the definition of an entrepreneur has not. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you must first eliminate some of these broad interpretations and understand the true characteristics of an entrepreneur.

We have put together some common misconceptions as to what it means to be an entrepreneur. After examining these, we believe you will agree that anybody can set themselves apart from the crowd by developing the three qualities of a successful entrepreneur we’ve outlined further below.

What An Entrepreneur Is Not!

1. Someone with a business idea

Nearly everyone has an idea or an opinion on others’ ideas and nobody minds sharing it. The commitment level required to talk loudly about your ideas at a bar or behind a computer screen is insignificant compared to the commitment level required to actually make your ideas a reality.

2. The graphic designer who built a website for his neighbor’s dog-walking business

Utilizing the skills you already use for your day job once in a blue moon when an acquaintance throws an opportunity into your lap does not make you an entrepreneur. There is very little commitment required to work on a project someone hands to you.

3. The Twitter “food critic” who believes that their Wordpress blog qualifies them as a freelance writer

Doing the parts of your dream job that you enjoy or find easy takes minimal sacrifice. The commitment needed to do the hard parts or the tasks you don’t enjoy is exponentially greater.

Have another example of an “almost” entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments.

If you are one of these three types of people, do not take offense or be discouraged. You have the traits of an entrepreneur. There is one common thread in these profiles, one missing item that makes up a large part of the gap between someone with entrepreneurial tendencies and a successful entrepreneur. That missing key is commitment. Want to gauge how committed you are to an idea? Ask yourself, “What am I willing to sacrifice for this?”

There is only one thing between you and success. Sacrifice.

Closing the Gap:
 3 Ideas Killing Your Commitment and Keeping You From Being A Successful Entrepreneur

We believe if you eliminate these 3 ideas from your thought process, you will not only better understand what being an entrepreneur means, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful one.

“I am unique.”

There is no one else in the world exactly like you and we believe this is something to be embraced and celebrated. However, there are a countless number of people who share your skill set and some variation of your ideas, or who have the skills to improve on your ideas. The idea that you are uniquely qualified to work your dream job, build your dream company, or accomplish any other task often leads to taking those opportunities for granted. If you think that you are owed an opportunity, your willingness to sacrifice something for the opportunity will be very low.

Don’t expect to stand out. Make yourself stand out.

A successful entrepreneur removes this idea and cultivates the quality of never taking an opportunity for granted. They are incredibly invested in their work and will do whatever it takes to bring their efforts to fruition and bring about the best solution they could accomplish. They make their work unique by their commitment and sacrifice, which is something that will quickly set you apart from the crowd.

“Eventually, my big idea is going to come to me.”

A great business idea will not come by waiting for a moment of clarity and creative inspiration. A successful entrepreneur recognizes that opportunity is everywhere and constantly seeks to look at the world from new angles. The biggest opportunities are often a part of your day to day life

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“Doing What I Love Will Be Easy”

No matter what you love, turning it into a business or an idea that impacts the world around you will require you to complete some tasks that you do not like doing. This is why your level of commitment plays such a large role in your level of success. The questions above are so helpful for brainstorming, because the answers lead to ideas you are personally invested in. You need to find an idea you love more than personal comfort, so that, when the tough times, tough questions, or tough tasks come, you will stick with it.

It is imperative to stand out from the many “freelance consultants” and “self-starters” who fill the vaguely defined pool of entrepreneurs. Instead of asking, “What does it take to be an entrepreneur?” ask yourself, “What does it take to be successful?” The answers will be hard. It is not an effort that can be committed to halfheartedly.

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