The Origin


A lot of time and work has been put in these pieces to create diverse, unique environments, animations, particle simulations and a storyline.

I’m a 3D art creator on Hedera for the Hedera fans all over the world. My goal is to promote the Hedera platform, NFT space and ecosystem via unique 3D or 4D art. Hope to catch high eyes with digital art.

The NFT’s for this collection are called:

  • The Mayan Temple
  • The Last Artefact
  • Leemon’s Lab

The Origin story

In the old days decentralisation and trust was very difficult because of the lack of communication and tools. we had to wait until the rise of computers to have truly global communication. But there was still a lack of trust… Coming into a new age with the rise of DLT’s we could finally create that layer of trust and counter corruption! In 2016 a bright man named Dr. Leemon Baird has found a solution, a.k.a. The Hashgraph algorithm. The technology with the potential to lead us to a less corrupted society and made sure we survived as a Human species!

Let’s travel to the past, future and present to discover the Origin of The Hashgraph Technology! Fasten your seatbelts, It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

The Mayan Temple

Back in the day the Mayan people were true masters in mathematics and art. They have been experimenting with the idea of decentralising their society to restore trust and communication between all Mayan states. Solving a crucial maths riddle involving communication would lead them to a better future. But somehow they could never find a solution. During the peak time of the Mayans, there were 18 states that were ruled by a single leader or a council. But most states were at war because they were isolated from each other, had no communication and there was no… Trust.

We use the first door of the teleport room to travel back into history, to the age of the Mayas! The Mayan mathematicians were very close to finding the solution for the lack of communication and trust in the Mayan society. The Mayans built this sacred Temple as a sign of faith. Hoping for a better future where all states would have peace. They handcrafted a statue for a special upcoming ritual. The statue has a very familiar shape of an H with two legs in the middle… all the 18 Mayan states are engraved in this one statue, which never happened before! The Mayans were really hopeful for a better future.

On the night of the ritual they used 18 holy stones and purple sacred powder as required ritual attributes. During the ritual the Mayans wanted to bound the souls of the 18 states but the ritual failed as the maths didn’t work out. This caused a terrible curse over the symbolic statue. The Mayans couldn’t stop the curse from working and now the statue, particles and smoke are out of control! The Mayans were so frightened they locked up the statue by strong cables. This failure was seen as a very bad sign for the Mayan people so they abandoned their sacred Temple forever. The wandering stardust from the sky could be a sparkle of hope for future generations!

The Last Artefact

We travel forward to the distant future in 2390 via the second door of the teleport room! An Hedera artefact from the hashgraph technology is all that is left on planet earth! Located in a desolated rocky desert on earth where the “Origin Lab’’ used to be. By now humankind has left the once blue planet … Increasingly powerful solar winds from our sun created unbearable levels of radiation on planet Earth. Creating an unlivable environment for humankind, it was literally hell on Earth. To survive they used the Hashgraph technology and eventually migrated to newly discovered exoplanets…

Before humankind left earth they left an Hedera artefact as a sign of their respect for the hashgraph technology. Made from pure diamond and embedded in rocks it was humans biggest tribute statue for the hashgraph technology that restored trust in humankind… Humankind could finally communicate seamlessly and cooperate together as a united species. All human races, from all over the world were united with this single piece of technology. Centralised powers were exposed and punished for bad behaviours. We overcame climate change with ease as we bundled our expertise… Trust in our society returned over time and helped us to emigrate to new kinds of planets for our survival.

The Hedera artefact is now an active interplanetary node on the Hedera network! Small floating particles dancing around the Hedera artefact and showing off its activity. Using its own strong gravitational forces to keep particles floating in harmony. But, what happened here before? What is the origin of this technology? Let’s go back in time and see it for yourself!

Leemon’s Lab

We take the last door in the teleport room to go to the present, to the year 2016. The year where it all began… Called “The Origin”, a moment in time where the past, present and future have been connected for the first time ever…! In other words, Hashgraph was created. A piece of technology that could bring trust back in our society.

Some bright mathematician named Leemon Baird has finally found the missing link and solved this ancient old mathematical riddle about communication and trust. For over 5 years Leemon has been working in his secret lab, trying to solve this riddle… when suddenly in 2016 he finally found the missing link. By simply adding 2 hashes in every message you can reveal a whole history! Leemon went back to his lab and kept the “particles” of the graph together with only 2 hashes, hence the name “Hashgraph”.

Since then the Hashgraph technology was born. Together with his partner Mance Harmon they will built “Hedera Hashgraph”. It will become the technology that will save Humankind from self destruction and corruption. It is truly the origin of human future success. People can now truly trust data and see what has happened in the past and present on the hashgraph. With AI technology and historical data science it is possible to predict futuristic apocalypses. This was the reason why Human kind will survive and become an intergalactic species. Becoming a highly intellectual species in this vast galaxy.

Thank you Leemon & Mance.

Token authenticity

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