The future is stressful

Stress of the future is something I realized all college students go through. Growing up, most students have been ‘brainwash’ into believing that education is the key of a great future. Even though everyone has a different POV of their future, they could relate to it involving being happy, comfortable, and wealthy. I for one have a unique way of feeling successful, something that college courses challenge.

For me, success is the achievements I accomplish on my mental check list.

Mental checklist

For me, success is the achievements I accomplish on my mental check list. This list consist of variety of things. Such as:

  • Education level
  • Graduate with highest honors
  • Income achievements
  • Be ‘wealthy’
  • Land a dream job involving space
  • Amount of locations traveled to
  • Participate in variety of sport events
  • Committing to writing
  • Create something related to my study
  • Create a successful company
  • Volunteer in ecological groups
  • First man to step on Mars.
First man to step on Mars

These mental achievements checklist I presented is just a small few that’s storming my thoughts. Of course lots of these are unrealistic and most won’t make me happy. The reason why my checklist is everywhere is simple, I’m aiming. As long as I’m aiming for something I’ll grow.

As long as I’m aiming for something I’ll grow.

Don’t worry and grow

Grow in ways that I cannot predict. A year ago I wasn’t even confident on what path to take for my future. Always thinking 5–10 years ahead causing stress onto myself. I gave up on each path I thought I needed to take. Choosing something that I assume will check off most of my desired achievements.

I cannot say don’t stress about the future, it would contradict the point of having a goal. I would like to say live in the moment, but most likely it’ll be taken the wrong way causing regret. What I can say, take one goal at a time and invest in who you are.

Take one goal at a time and invest in who you are.

Who Am I(you)?

I thought I was suppose to be a aerospace engineer but as much as I love space, intro to aerospace bored me. I tried accounting, realize it was not challenging enough and I got bored. I tried other classes such as sociology and psychology, love the subject but my mind drifted because it wasn’t me. I am meant to be a nerd, but in a different subject.

I always mentioned to my parents about majoring in Computer Science since I first learned about it from my mother. My parents didn’t like the idea not because they feared of their child becoming unsuccessful but because I use to skip school for the computer. I was into all sorts of things, from programming private servers, developing interactive website for my online group, and even trying to learn Linux. I was destined.

I was destined.

I also was very creative with my imagination. Something I share with my brother who’s going to school for engineering. I’ve created hundreds of characters, worlds, dimensions, civilizations, inventions, and companies all in my mind. My brother did the same and we will play a interactive game challenging each other’s imagination.

Discover yourself

Before I got off track, I’m trying to make a point.

Who we are has always been there. It’s just that we need to discover it again.

Who we are has always been there. It’s just that we need to discover it again. I just told you that I’m a programming nerd that has a imagination. So why make my college life even harder in myself by majoring in something I have no interest in? Logic.

Don’t fear where you’ll be after college.

Future is uncertain

Don’t fear where you’ll be after college. I’ve read dozens of biography from people I assume is successful, trying to figure out their secret and even follow it. I realized that most these people work in a completely different field that they major in. College is just a check mark.

College is just a check mark.

College in society could mean many things but all relates to: this person is a professional in completing things. After that, you are a professional base on skill.

Stop wasting energy worrying and use it to achieve your checklist.

Move on and achieve

Stop wasting energy worrying and use it to achieve your checklist. Your future is out of your hands, there isn’t any definite answer where you’ll be. However, there is many resources to educate yourself so you can prepare. For now though, for my fellow college students, your mental check off is completing school in a degree that interests you. An interest that’ll lead to a competitive GPA and smarter you. Also relax and adventure a little, don’t need to wait after graduation to live.

Don’t need to wait after graduation to live.

-my thoughts- on 09/21/2016

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