Bioverge Monthly — February 2017


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Portfolio News

Notable Labs. A recent article by NPR highlights the promise of using combinations of repurposed drugs to help manage cancer, “A Pinworm Medication Is Being Tested As A Potential Anti-Cancer Drug.” Notable is also looking to expand their team, see the list of open positions — referrals welcome! Finally, there is still time to donate to the Cancer Commons pediatric AML trial which is using modern data science, software, and robotics to build a scalable, iterative model with the aim of turning treatment selection into a data problem.

Echo Laboratories. Echo’s Revolve microscope was awarded Connect’s Most Innovative New Product for Life Science Research Tools, and has been featured by: The New York Times, NBC, Nature, TedxSanDiego, and on the set of Ridley Scott’s Alien ‘Covenant’. Current customers include: Stanford, Pfizer, 23 & Me, Denali, Novartis, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, UCSF, UCLA, and the National Institute of Health.

A Few of Our Favorite Stories

His Doctors Were Stumped. Then He Took Over (NYT). After his rare disease baffled specialist after specialist, Dr. David Fajgenbaum dedicated himself to solving his own case.

First FDA Approval For Clinical Cloud-Based Deep Learning In Healthcare (Forbes). The first FDA approval for a machine learning application to be used in a clinical setting is a big step forward for AI and machine learning in healthcare.

The Merging of Humans and Machines is Happening Now (Wired). Her organization invented the internet. It gave us the self-driving car. And now DARPA’s former boss sees us crossing a new technological boundary.

Synthetic Cells Have Passed A Turing Test (Furturism). Amid rapid advances in AI, humans use the Turing test to determine if a machine is truly intelligent. If a computer is capable of thinking like a human, then it should be able to trick another human into thinking they’re having a real conversation with a person instead of a machine. In a twist on the classic test, scientists created artificial single-cell organisms able to convince natural cells that they are real.
25 Must-Reads For Angel Investors (Forbes). Great thoughts on best practices in investing come from famous investors including Fred Wilson and Brad Feld, but lesser known angels also have a lot to say about best practices that are so essential to successful angel investing. It is vital to be able to select good companies, understand valuation, and structure deals well — but it is also important to have a portfolio strategy and know what it will take to support the startups after you invest. These articles cover the gamut.

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