Bioverge Monthly — May 2017

The “5 Whys” of Bioverge

The “5 Whys” of Bioverge

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In our newest blog series, we’re applying the “5 Whys” Six Sigma interrogation technique to outline and better understand the root cause of the problem we have set out to solve.

In the process, we’ll be challenging our own assumptions in a quest to fully understand the major pain points our stakeholders face and the extent of the value we provide in overcoming them.Read More

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A Few of Our Favorite Stories

Three Key Investment Challenges At The Intersection Of Health And Technology (Forbes). Success stories are emerging, but to be a part of them, traditional tech investors may need to get out of their comfort zone a bit and learn to love, or at least embrace, services, messiness and regulation.

Venture-Capital Firms Use Big Data to Seek Out the Next Big Thing (WSJ). Computers are on the rise as Wall Street’s brave new stock pickers. Now some Silicon Valley startup investors are giving big-data analytics a prominent role in the venture-capital arena.

Star Wars and the Future of Healthcare (Tech Crunch). Intelligent machines will play an increasing role in healthcare, not as a replacement, but rather as a valuable supplement.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Elon Musk’s Human/AI Brain Merge (Futurism). Details on Elon Musk’s newest company, Neuralink, have finally arrived. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO now has his sights set on remaking our minds, bringing the power of computer technology directly into our brains.

One Year In, Equity Crowdfunding Is Still Waiting For Its Moment (Fast Company). While there are a host of new platforms and a few positive stories, the industry is still waiting to fulfill its potential of giving small-money investors the chance to support early stage companies. But the idea is gaining momentum.