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Jan 26, 2017 · 4 min read

Who We Are. Bioverge is an online venture capital firm and curated marketplace, helping angel investors identify, fund, and support the most promising life science and healthcare technology startups. We seek disruptive companies utilizing advances in technology to modernize healthcare, from bench-to-bedside.

We rolled out a ‘soft-launch’ of the platform in August ’16, and are happy to share we’ve already completed two investments:

Notable has developed a high throughput robotic testing platform that uses a patient’s live tumor cells to predict the safest and most effective treatment combinations of drugs
Echo Labs’ Revolve is the world’s first hybrid microscope that transforms between upright and inverted configurations. Eyepieces have been replaced with an iPad tablet for an incredible viewing experience

Importantly, we invest in every deal on our platform so our incentives are 100% aligned with our investors. In addition, we utilize a carried interest business model so we only make money when our investors earn a profit. Importantly, startups do not incur any fees for using our platform and we never take a percentage of the funds raised — startups at this early stage need all the capital they can get!

Impact Investing. We believe that investing for the right reasons and having a positive impact on the world does not have to be mutually exclusive with generating an outsized financial return.

Access. Deep Screen. Bioverge enables investors to diversify their existing portfolios with startup investment opportunities previously only accessible to venture capital firms.

We do the heavy lifting for our investors. Bioverge opportunities are deep screened, each having attracted professional investment and undergone our Dynamic Diligence process. Our Dynamic Diligence process and algorithm analyzes key investment readiness metrics, opportunity-specific challenges, and input from subject matter experts to evaluate each opportunity on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our Dynamic Diligence Map of Factors that Affect Risk and Reward When Evaluating Novel Technologies*

*originally derived from the OS Fund

Within the platform, investors receive detailed information and tools to individually vet each deal, including opportunities to engage with the company and domain experts within the Bioverge community.

Diversification. Investors inclined to participate can do so within their own comfort levels. Bioverge provides access with low investment minimums, typically starting as low as $2,500. Investors can choose between single company investments or diversification using Bioverge multi-company funds.

Benefits for Investors

1) Investment access to disruptive innovations that were traditionally reserved for venture capital firms

2) Invest alongside top-tier VC’s and professional investors at the same terms

3) All investment opportunities have undergone our Dynamic Diligence screening process

4) Portfolio diversification with alternative assets, decrease portfolio volatility, and enhance returns

Our goal is to democratize investing in early stage startups and provide access to deal flow that was previously reserved only for venture capital firms and high net worth individuals. We fundamentally think everyone should have a chance to diversify their portfolio with alternative assets and earn outsized returns.

Data from Cambridge Associates LLC March 31, 2016 U.S. Venture Capital Index® and Selected Benchmark Statistics Report. These indexes are not necessarily representative of the companies listed on Bioverge and do not reflect projected returns. Furthermore, past performance is no guarantee of future returns. In addition, early-stage venture capital investing has a higher rate of failure, volatility, and less liquidity.

Streamlined Capital. Resources. Community Access. The pathway to market for life science and healthcare technologies is unique and riddled with hurdles. In the face of these, fundraising can be a distraction. With our transparent process, Bioverge provides companies with streamlined access to capital to more quickly return focus back to what matters.

Benefits for Founders

1) Focused marketplace ensures you reach the most relevant investors

2) Our platform acts as force multiplier providing you a platform to leverage funds raised offline

3) Product and user experience designed for all investors (not just experienced angels)

4) Cohesive network aligned to support novel technologies and emerging businesses

Further, to optimize each company’s trajectory, Bioverge support extends beyond the deal. Our unique healthcare-centered community includes technical and domain experts, as well as academic, industry and downstream investment partners. Bioverge portfolio companies are afforded tools and access to advisement, services, business development & partnership opportunities, and networking introductions.

Why Us. Why Now. We fundamentally believe that we, as a society, are in the midst of witnessing the convergence of the most powerfully technology ever developed — biology — being combined with increasingly powerful software, robotic systems, and artificial intelligence.

Our platform offers founders access to capital to help them push the boundaries of human healthcare, while democratizing the investing process for accredited investors in the $2 trillion healthcare market. It’s estimated that only 3% of the total 8 million accredited investors in the U.S. are actively investing in private companies. With the ban on general solicitation lifted under Title II of the JOBS Act, the other 97% of average accredited investors now have access to private investment opportunities.

Our goal is to build awareness of these innovative investment opportunities, and provide investors the tools and resources necessary to make informed investment decisions.

We recognize this convergence of technology as a blueprint for innovation and a transformative trend that will offer a new vision for the future.

We clearly see a huge new and emerging market opportunity and are here to offer investors a chance to invest in startups changing the world, and a real chance for great financial returns.

-The Bioverge Team


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