Meet Alert Manager: real-time alerting and faster incidents resolution

Jan 30 · 6 min read

Today, we are launching Alert Manager. An easy way to deal with alerts immediately and efficiently. With Alert Manager, care becomes safer and more responsive, minimising the risk to your business.

Alert Manager in the Birdie Agency Hub

It’s a simple idea: when your care staff witnesses an incident at the client’s home, they will instantly notify your office staff by reporting it in the Birdie app. The office staff can then take the appropriate actions and ensure a full log of what was done is captured. Alert Manager saves staff plenty of time and helps support you in keeping your clients safe at all times.

The problem: The time it takes to discover, deal with, organise, prioritise and resolve alerts is enormous for an agency.

At the moment, care agencies can’t keep up with the number of alerts they receive each week. Let alone the ones they only discover at the end of the month when collecting care logs and medication charts (MAR charts) around the client’s home.

Care managers need to find out exactly what happened, act upon it and showcase what was put in place to make sure it won’t happen again. Going through care logs, backtracking information, calling care staff, visiting the client, talking to families and putting solutions in place takes a lot of time.

It’s also hard to keep a comprehensive record to showcase how responsive you’ve been to the regulator. Which will be part of what they use to assess your agency’s overall performance.

We believe that through leveraging technology and industry best practices we can save agencies a lot of time and reduce the risk they incur when lacking information.

That’s why we have developed the Alert Manager.

Safer and more responsive care

With Alert Manager, care workers can report an incident in real-time in the Birdie app. An alert is instantly raised to the office staff so they can act upon it quickly and resolve it efficiently.

When reporting an incident in the Birdie app, your care staff can add more information about what happened and what they’ve done giving the right context to the person picking up on the alert.

“Now when an alert is there, you can take actions straight away. You’ve got all the information you need. Thanks to Birdie, we’ve already raised a few serious alerts straight away and have ensured much better care for our clients”

Rashmin, Care Manager, Unique Personnel

Be aware of what is happening at all times

With Alert Manager, as soon as an alert is raised, it will pop up in the Alert Inbox as well as send an email to the office staff. On top of that, you can get SMS notification every time. Actions can be taken by your team even when not behind their desks. At the end of every day, an alert summary is sent with an overview of what has happened.

SMS notifications and daily emails

“Now, you have the information about an incident very fast so you can act on them. It will make my life easier for sure. We can show the CQC that we are responsive. Even if our care staff can’t reach us immediately, I will know as soon as the carer submits their digital report.”

Bea, Care Manager, Sterling Standard

All in one place, easily manageable

No need to sort out alerts coming in by phone, SMS, emails or even discovered in care logs and MAR charts anymore. As soon as an alert is raised, it will show in the Alert Inbox of the Agency Hub giving you a clear overview of what needs your attention.

A clear overview of all alerts

The most urgent first, organised by categories

Alerts are categorised and prioritised to make sure you deal with the most pressing issues first. Alerts are tagged and sorted by status (Resolved, In Progress, Action Needed). Which means you always know what still needs to be addressed or if it has already been actioned by someone else. As soon as an alert has been resolved, it will automatically go in the resolved section of the inbox.

The Alert Inbox

Less risk to the business and more praise from the regulator

With the audit history, office staff can access digital records of any incidents and alerts raised. This showcases the ability of your agency to react quickly and solve any incidents on time. You know who’s raised the alert, which notes have been added and when it was resolved by whom. Everything is recorded and found again easily.

Make sure there’s all the right information in the system

As a care manager, you can add notes, change the category or the severity of any alerts. You can even do that when the alert has been resolved which means you can be as precise about what happened and what you did to resolve it. You can also raise an alert yourself, directly in the Agency Hub.

By doing this, you will make sure that the information in the Agency Hub is always complete and ready for audit.

Making it easy for your care staff to report any issue, saving them tons of time

There’s never been an easier way to report an incident. When visiting clients, care workers will log their visit on the Birdie app. If they notice an incident or an accident, they will report it in their log. As soon as they add it to the report, it will be visible in the Alert Inbox for your office staff to pick up on it. No need for carers to call up the agency or fill in long incident report forms saving them lots of time, they can spend caring for the client.

Incident / Accident report in the Birdie app

“The value is the time it’s saving for your office staff but also for the care staff. Within a minute we know what’s happening. And, as a carer you can be sure that any incident reported will be taken care of by your agency.”

Dan, Surecare

Alert Manager isn’t just another product release. It represents a real breakthrough that you can get value from today. We think it will transform the way you care for your clients. Making you more responsive to their needs and showcasing that to the regulator. Ultimately, Alert manager has the potential to support your agency to save lives.

and see how it can benefit your business.


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