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  1. NFL games have too much of a delay between play. I’m not saying soccer is a role model for never-ending excitement, but at least i know I will be done with a game in 2hours with only one halftime commercial break. Meanwhile in the NFL a touchdown results in a commercial break, then the kickoff, then a commercial break, then the other team getting the ball. So painful.
  2. I feel more and more unsure about basic rules, thereby making important ref decisions feel arbitrary: what is a “catch”or “pass interference” or “an improper tackle” anymore?
  3. there is so much player movement that outside of my favorite team (Vikings) I can’t keep track of where everyone is…there are much fewer long-term rivalries between teams/players
  4. the Salary Cap brought parity, but it also made dynasties with the same players harder/impossible to keep together… therefore it’s hard to know each year which “It” team should be on primetime…since the volatility of teams which make the playoffs year over year is so high now
  5. there are so many pre-game shows and football related shows during the week that it all just becomes a bunch of noise with random talking heads.
  6. Trent Dilfer. I blame him for everything. Everything.
  7. The quality of play just feels lower than it used to be
  8. The first Sunday you miss watching football all day, but knowing you can still see some random highlights of everything means you don’t have to tune in as much.
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