Hi there!

Wow it has been forever since I was a regular blogger. I’ve contemplated coming back to writing about things, just not sure how to start again. I took some time away because I just felt like I wasn’t writing about things I wanted to talk about anymore. But now, I kinda feel like because of the particularly special journey I’m on in my life, I really need to do this now more than ever.

So let’s begin again new, in case you don’t know me my name is Meredith and I have 2 children (ages 9 & almost 12) who are both labeled as non-verbal, severe Autistics. Having two children like this often gets a “Wow” response from everyone I run into, including the doctors who assessed them and gave them their diagnosis. My daughter through her writing (which you can go check out! >> www.loveisallyouneednow.wordpress.com ) has told me that they chose me before being born into this Earth, so that makes me feel pretty special that they had faith in me to do this job.

Am I perfect at it? NO lol

Do I have all the answers? NO

Am I continuing to try every day to be the best mom I can be and love them with everything I’ve got? Yes, absolutely.

So I’ll write about whatever comes to mind, whatever we go through, new products I love, just anything I feel like others might like to hear.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way a licensed doctor or therapist and anything I say and promote are strictly my opinions based on my many years of experience in the field of being a momma to two brilliant and wonderful Autistics.

So come back by as I always have stuff to talk about!

Love to all,

Meredith (Bird) xoxo

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