20 Things Your Parents Didn’t Teach You About Marriage

Most of us learned about relationships from watching our parents. We learned what we want to bring into our own marriage and what we want to discard. We learned how to relate to each other and what baggage to set aside. Hopefully, we learned a lot about love and forgiveness. A lot of what I’ve learned, I learned through trial and error and just living life with my husband. So here’s a list of my top twenty helpful insights — ten for the guys and ten for the gals. This is by far not an exhaustive list, but just a little wisdom I’ve learned being married for over thirty years. Yep, you read that right. Over thirty years of being married to my best friend.


1. Women like to be heard. This is not the same thing as believing women like to talk.

2. Don’t think that you actually understand a woman’s emotional wiring. You’ll never completely figure her out.

3. Women know that you just pretend to listen to them.

4. Telling your wife you love her is just as important as showing her that you love her.

5. If she asks you how she looks, she isn’t asking your opinion about the outfit she’s wearing.

6. If she says she’s tired, she honestly is just tired. She’s not rejecting you. She’s just tired.

7. If you don’t want an honest answer to a question, don’t ask the question in the first place.

8. Intimacy increases when you put the cell phone down. You’re welcome.

9. Satisfy your wife emotionally and she will satisfy you physically. Circle of life right there Guys.

10. Your wife wants more sex than you realize. Just remember no. 9!


1. Respect your man in private and in public.

2. Drop your expectation of perfection because perfection doesn’t exist.

3. Don’t get upset when your man attempts to do something around the house and it isn’t done the way you would do it. Remember no. 2!

3. Men are hungry most of the time. Your job is to understand what he’s hungry for. It’s either respect, sex or food.

4. Don’t dump every emotional thing on your husband. That’s what girlfriends are for.

5. Men are not mind readers. If you expect your husband to know something you are going to have to tell him. Probably more than once. See no. 3 under “Guys” above.

6. Take care of yourself physically. This will also improve your emotional health.

7. You can’t balance everything equally and at the same time. That is an impossible bar to set for yourself.

8. Get naked more.

9. Satisfy your husband physically and he will satisfy you emotionally.

10. More sex is pretty much always the right answer.

I hope you use these tips to help enhance your marriage and I’d love to hear what you think over on Twitter or comment on the blog!