Instant messaging App user statistics 2018

Instant messaging is redefining the way we communicate in this constantly evolving world. The statistics usually change depending on the changing demands of the industry and the preferences of users. The messaging apps are becoming extremely popular for a number of standalone benefits.

They are easy to use, simple and user friendly. They let a user seamlessly and effortlessly communicate across devices and processes — sometimes without having to incur any significant charges. The Smartphone applications are feature enriched with a number of useful benefits.

We, in this article, are writing this article with an aim to cover some of the most useful and vital facts and statistics about instant messaging applications, and about their users and uses before, in, and after 2018.

Please find below a statistics from Statista about the popularity of some of the messaging applications

A lot of other useful statistic around the mobile apps are available here

The online marketplace is constantly evolving and a good number of changing audience interests are redefining the entire industry. According to this website, Over half of the world’s population is active online, the daily average internet usage speed has surpassed by 6 hours. Although Asia has the highest number of online users, Africa has the fastest growth rate. The Internet penetration has pretty much reached its peak in North America, voice controlled Internet is growing. Other than these, there are many other insightful statistics.

Android is by far the dominant global mobile platform; Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in many countries.

Looking at the statistics, it can be said that the Instant Messaging Applications are changing the world’s communication landscape. It is changing how we talk, and respond to, and in some respects, influencing our decisions.