Technologies That Should Be Scrutinized While Developing Chat Applications

To build a good chat applications like that of Whatsapp, fb Messenger and BirdsBeep you need to have a full-fledged setup. With this article, we will cover some of the core guidelines and process orientation to help you get started

The entire set up is separated into three standalone blocks

  • Client-facing application
  • Messaging channel
  • Setting up of server

The technology that play together in order to develop a messaging application work as follows -

Client-facing application

  • App that include all UI- User Interface, and UX — User Experience; mobile platform — Android, iOS, Windows — You can evenly use libraries in this stage
  • Develop database to store data in device/work offline
  • Maintain and manage states for the device and reply for messaging based events
  • Manage a constant connection with the server
  • Push notification
  • Media and location feature — though optional

Messaging Channel

  • You can choose either of these or make a mix of Socket, XMPP or MQTT as channel
  • mqtt is meant for mobile devices and iot
  • socket is for desktop app
  • xmpp can work on either; depending on the need


  • You need to set up a full-fledged system that can save messages as they arrive/go
  • Load balances on server to manage scale
  • Maintain messaging logic, ID management
  • Develop topics to maintain a free flow messages and push notes
  • Manage database
  • Manage a set up to handle errors
  • Develop end-to-end encryption, develop user privacy
  • To easily manage all of these, what you need to do is -
  • Code the logic in server side language
  • Develop a superior cloud infrastructure possibly on the Google platform
  • Develop protocols based on API
  • Database could be NoSQL
  • Fully managed encryption using open source technology

The entire process of designing and developing standalone messaging platform requires enough understanding on how the small bits and bytes of technology works. The entire process is complex and has requires improved understanding of the entire segments.