Why Encryption of Messages Is Necessary for a Mobile Chat Application?

Encryption of messages is a safe and sound way of communication with your contacts. Also, it ensures failsafe encryption by throwing the chat content together via a key, which is stored exclusively on a user’s device rather than a centralized server. Using a state-of-the-art security system, it is actually beyond and odds for the chat content to be divulged in the server or to a 3rd party.

The feature can exclusively be triggered off when every group contact with one another has it put on their mobile device. At the start, users must turn on encryption on their own — the setting is concealed inside menus — which could be influential in leveraging the initial rollout. However, BirdsBeep has already incorporated this unique and important feature by default for all users. To be precise, the feature is available by default for those using an Android mobile device registered to their account.

In fact and without a doubt, the features is desired and appreciated by all. The end-to-end feature is not only available on BirdsBeep but can also readily be witnessed in the top and leading mobile chat applications such as WhatsApp, Fring, Line etc.

It’s worth the idea that BirdsBeep and several other leading Mobile Chat Applications in the industry have incorporated the end-to-end encryption into their mobile chat app,