#StopChildAbuseInTurkey: 45 Male students raped in Karaman

SERBAY MANSUROĞLU serbaymansur@birgun.net

A teacher from a cult house in Karaman who has been claimed to rape at least 45 male students, has been arrested. The students’ ages change between 9–10. Ten of these students got reports from the hospital to prove the rape.

The teacher who has been claimed to rape the students has been living in Ensar foundation and KAİMDER’s houses which has been known as being close to the government.

Ensar Foundation is also known as Islamist and KAİMDER gives education to the children on Islamic subjects.

The prosecution has given confidentially order for the case. Another teacher has been assigned to the school after the teacher M.B. has been arrested.

The authorities in Ensar foundation has accepted the fact that teacher M.B. has worked with them for 5 months.

Original post: http://www.birgun.net/haber-detay/45-male-students-raped-in-karaman-106926.html

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