Creating my performance plan, I got stuck.

I’ve been asked to create a performance plan for myself where I list out my Core Objectives and Key Performance Indicators. When you put it all formal in a chart, my brain tends to go to sleep for some reason.

So let’s hash it out, maybe I can use this as a way to formulate what I do on a daily basis.

I do the work. The spreadsheets. The emails. The analysis of numbers. That’s the paperwork.

Besides that, I build relationships on the daily. Maintaining relationships, morale, and support others so that they take ownership of the work. I remind people on the daily to know why they are doing the work. Why our company is in the insurance business? What do we aim to do?

I mentor people who are younger than me that have the potential to do great things. I give harsh reminders of what I notice on the daily. My ears are always open and I know the pulse of my team based on the comments that I hear, their attitude on the phone, and the way they sigh.

I’m empathetic as fuck and that enables me to feel out others. I notice people’s facial expressions and also can sniff bullshit from a mile away. I might not call you on it, but you’re digging your own reputation grave. I’ve said this before in my other articles, reputation is everything.

I recently told me friend about how I like to be recognised in this corporation, I told her reputation. Reputation because I’ve invested in the long game of my career and not for any short term gain. Short term gain as in dopamine fixes or any type of self-righteous satisfaction of doing a great job. I rather am selfless and bring more value than to be selfish and bring less value.

I provide value to the company day in and day out by giving my opinions, expertise, and leadership skills to my people and other departments.

My why is to change the culture and demonstrate my level of zen so that others can see what I’m doing, follow what I’m doing, and believe in patience. Stop focusing on the negative and start working towards something that contributes to the positive.

If there is one KPI, it would be my reputation as a leader. I’d allow for others to give their honest opinions about me as the measure of my success as a leader. I’m still learning but I’m learning quickly because I need to execute even quicker to change the perspective of my fellow coworkers. POSITIVITY will always feel better than Negativity.