Kaizening my life — Time

I’ve always been really fascinated with time since the introduction of Back to the Future, Butterfly Effect, and all the different time travel movies. But as we all know, time travel is not possible, yet the concept of time is still so important. It’s the common denominator in all our lives and it definitely is a finite resource. But you say, time is infinite, yes and no. Time is finite for each of us as we are all mortals. In this article, I want to talk about how to use time more effectively.

Believe it or not, some of the more successful companies who are making a splash are selling the consumer time. I’ll list the companies for you, Foodora, Amazon, Save on Foods, Skip the Dishes, Uber, Tesla and Lyft. They sell you the time savings so you don’t have to use your time to travel and buy the things they offer in store. People’s lives are inherently busy (perhaps not the right type of busy) therefore time is a valuable commodity. Using the example of Amazon, I really hated going to the mall, finding parking, and then battling through the crowd of phone zombies. By allowing me to shop online while I do something else (I don’t recommend multi-tasking) I actually save time so that I can work on content. I’m also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) so it saves me the trouble of going through the distress in high stimulus environments such as the mall.

A fascinating company for me though is Tesla. Tesla is selling a huge time savings investment upfront with their self-driving car technology. Imagine if you commuted two hours a day and in those two hours, your car could drive itself. What could you do with that time? Perhaps relax and read a book, take a quick nap?

Unfortunately, we can’t slow down time but all we can do is change the way in which we use our time. In the past 7 months, I’ve effectively removed most time wasting activities such as watching Netflix or playing video games. If I’m consuming media, it is in the form of YouTube videos that provide information in a very concise manner. Not just that, I mentioned in my past articles that podcasts are great! I could work out or work on spreadsheets while learning something new.

Why am I so passionate about the concept of time? I’m anxious with the notion that we don’t know when tomorrow is the last day on Earth. I want to ensure that I can make a difference every day or connect with someone so that I don’t miss that chance. It’s the chance to better position yourself to build meaning relationships and bridges to connect with individuals. Using my time to provide value and share my knowledge or experiences with people that I truly care about.

What can you do to start utilizing your time more effectively? Start identifying your values, audit your attributes, find your strengths and weaknesses, and really know what you’re passionate about. More importantly, write down what you do every day from Monday to Sunday documenting everything in a 24 hour day. Where can you find the time savings in which you can work on passion projects? Could you use the time when you watch Orange Is The New Black to begin starting your new business for under $100? Although we cannot control how fast or slow time moves, we are still in control of how we use our time. There are techniques and articles on Medium that really talk about using time more effective to be more productive. But realize we all have a rhythm in which there are times where we are the most productive. So find that sweet spot and make sure that during that time, you do your most important work.

I take on the mindset that I have nothing tangible to offer but my time is the most valuable intangible material that I can give to any individual. Take a different perspective and realize that life is really short. What can you do now to make small incremental steps to make a difference in your life and the people you care about the most? If you’re serious about that Kaizen life, the following words should never leave your mouth, “Just killing time”, have activities, books, or podcasts to fill any time free time as self-development time.

To summarize, time is finite, time is being sold as a commodity, we cannot slow down time, so it’s important to identify how you use your time and begin to take those small incremental steps to continuous improvement but effectively using every minute in your life. Life is too short, make sure you leave a legacy, build those bridges and never burn them down no matter how difficult the conversation is.

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Much Love, talk soon. Birry