She waits.

One week from the launch of our big campaign for World Doula Week, we have something heart-warming to share with you this morning: a poem by Glenys Janssen-Frank on the special role of a doula.

She waits with me, Patiently,
In a world that doesn’t wait.
Willingly, in a time that doesn’t give.
With Kindness, in a place that is frightening.
With Laughter, that melts away my fear.
With Strength, that reminds me I am strong.
With Song, to welcome my baby today.

This beautiful poem was penned by our Doula Coordinator & Supervisor, Glenys Janssen-Frank, as one of our clients was induced and supported by one of our volunteer doulas over for four, long days. A timely reflection on the role of a doula and the support she can provide ahead of the launch of our fundraising campaign for World Doula Week, which begins next week.

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