When Instinct collides with Passion

The Story of Fitmencook

When Instinct collides with Passion | The story of Fitmencook

Meet Kevin, the creator of FitMenCook and member of the Potter’s House Church. He struggled trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Kevin found healthy food to be bland, texturized, and colorless.

Coupled with the fact he was not active, he found himself overweight, feeling depressed and regularly felt sluggish. So, he started to exercise in order to out train his poor diet. To compound the issue, Kevin’s physician shared unwelcoming news that his blood pressure was steadily rising and if his diet didn’t change, there would be implications.

Kevin was at a crossroads in his life. Even with his Physician’s warning, Kevin struggled to translate that into action. Sure, he knew what he had to do, but often times the rhetoric never meets the road. But, after someone tagged a photo of him on Facebook and he did not like what he saw, he knew it was time to make a change.

Born out of his desire to be healthy and fit, Kevin turned to a new lifestyle—one that would make him feel better and look better—not only for health reasons, but also by choice.

Sitting in the half price bookstore, Kevin made the choice to purchase nearly every single book about dieting and nutrition within budget. His goal was to learn as much as possible so he could teach himself how to eat to support his fitness goals, while also making relatively inexpensive foods taste great.

It wasn’t long before Kevin quickly learned that there were healthier and delicious alternatives to the foods he loved, and understood that his diet was the key to transforming his life and physique.

Kevin began journaling his experience with different foods and healthy living. Instead of keeping his journey to himself, Kevin felt a constant nudge on the inside to step out of his comfort zone even more and share his journey publicly with others.

And something incredible happened. Kevin’s passion to find creative ways to prepare healthy meals did something he did not anticipate — it motivated others to adopt a similar lifestyle and jumpstart their own fitness goals. His photos on his Tumblr blog and Instagram account began to go viral on the Internet and in just 5 months he had quickly amassed a following of over 100,000 followers.

Now, 24 months later, he has over 800,000 followers across his social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. An “average Joe” with no formal background in nutrition and fitness had become a blogger for BodyBuilding.com (the world’s largest online nutrition & supplement site), eHow.com and several other publications. He also found himself afforded many opportunities to work with some of the top brands in the housewares, fitness and nutrition industries.

And, how did he do it? Instinct.

Contrary to the traditional online biz model for nutrition, Kevin shared his recipes and key learnings liberally. Charging hundreds of dollars for “cookie cutter” custom meal plans and “gated content,” was not in his heart to do. Kevin’s account growth steadily climbed and opportunities began pouring in. By sharing his recipes, he was motivating others like him to do the same thereby influencing the way brands and professionals offered healthy living content. Without even realizing it, God had created a viable avenue for Kevin to pursue his true newfound passion, but he struggled with having the confidence to fully pursue FitMenCook full-time. It was not until he heard T.D. Jakes utter the words, “You’ll never discover instinctive talent by playing it safe,” that Kevin knew what he had to do. So, at the beginning of 2014, he followed his Instinct, resigned from his job to pursue FitMenCook full-time. Bishop’s message about Instinct resonated with Kevin and it could not have come at a better time.

It’s no doubt that Kevin’s passion is unwavering, but the point that should not get lost is that Kevin’s decision to quit his job was based on two factors:

1) He felt the conviction to step out of his comfort zone and not play it safe. His instincts were informed and deep down he knew that he would need to make a decision NOW to follow his passion and take a healthy risk. Or, he would continue to be safe and keep his desk job. He chose to follow his instinct and seize the moment.

2) His anchor in faith. He simply believed this — “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17). Essentially, he could not believe God to bless his efforts, yet not walk confidently in faith, passion, and purpose. He was ready for his “rhetoric of faith” to finally meet the road. And he has not looked back since…

As you follow the Date Night Campaign, enjoy the healthy meals that Kevin is sharing as a result of getting to his core and following his Instinct.