Bishop: Faso and Heaney are Doing to Me What Establishment is Doing to Trump

Bishop: Faso and Heaney are Doing to Me What Establishment is Doing to Trump

HAMDEN, NY- Republican Candidate for New York’s 19th District Bob Bishop released the following statement regarding baseless petition challenges from his opponents today.

“Andrew Heaney and John Faso are using the same tactics that political insiders have used for years to try and disenfranchise every day Americans.” said Bob Bishop. “Our campaign attracted volunteers from all corners of the district to help a true outsider get on the ballot in order to give voters a real choice in June. John Faso and Andrew Heaney are scared of my candidacy and will do anything to stop it.

“These political games are exactly what voters are coming out in droves today to stop. My opponents are doing the exact same thing the Republican establishment is attempting to do to Donald Trump — trampling on the people’s voice in favor of their own interests. Andrew Heaney and John Faso have repeatedly said that this election should be decided by the voters but it’s clear they will simply say whatever they need to get elected — just like we’ve come to expect from wealthy insiders and career politicians,” said Bishop.

“They both understand the threat that I pose as their opponent. I am a true outsider who will represent the people’s interest rather than the political establishments. Nothing scares the political hacks more than a regular guy who they can’t control.”

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