4 unconventional criteria to consider when choosing your booking system

If you are in charge of a coworking space, chances are high that you are already familiar with various room-booking systems. You might also have noticed the marketing words commonly used by almost every solution: “higher efficiency”, “higher revenue” and “easier administration”

Of course, these dimensions are crucial. However, we believe that there is a key aspect relating to room-booking that is almost always overlooked — its social side.

As a central pillar of your total offering, a good booking system can make it or break it when it comes to overall satisfaction of your members. If used correctly, it can be part of the most important tools to facilitate long lasting relationships between your coworking space and its members.

These four unconventional reasons explain how:

  1. It shows your members that you think about them first

Having a comfortable and beautiful room-booking solution is one key point for your members to have a nice experience in your space. And if the experience is nice, they’re most likely to stay!

2. It’s a great way to advertise your facilities

A good booking system is one more asset in your marketing toolbox to showcase your space. Your rooms are unique and this uniqueness should be clear to anyone willing to book them

3. It reaffirms your space culture

Your booking system should be in line with the way you want to run your space. Do you want to make it open to the outside world or do you want to keep your space strictly exclusive? Your booking system shows what is important for you.

4. It brings people together

Using the same facilities and being aware of who is using them creates a tighter community.This is a starting point for members to feel like they belong to the same entity.

Next time you look for a room-booking system, don’t overlook these important aspects! We are convinced that your members will appreciate it.

Try it for yourself and start booking better!

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