5 Must-Read Start-Up Books this Spring

From Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates, all of the most successful leaders are avid readers.

If you want to get ahead in business, sit down and pick up a book. Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading. Bill Gates reads for an hour each night before going to bed. And Mark Cuban credits part of his success to the fact that he is willing to read more than anyone else.

To get you started we’ve got a list of business startup books you should read.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Performance is the one thing that separates great businesses from good ones. How do businesses perform well? It starts with the day-to-day activities and decisions of the staffs in those businesses. In Tools of Titans, author Tim Ferriss delves into the same topics as he does in his highly-acclaimed podcast but on a deeper level.

Throughout the book, Ferriss takes some time to break down how these habits and routines can be adapted to your life. For any fan of Ferris or of productivity in general, “Tools of Titans” offers a unique perspective of performance by taking an overview of success and mapping out a path to help the reader duplicate it.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

A Bill Gates favorite, Shoe Dog offers an inside look at Phil Knight’s entrepreneurial journey and how he built his startup Nike into the global brand it is today.

The Power of Broke by Daymond John

Shark Tank star and Fubu founder Daymond John explains that starting a business with limited resources is a competitive advantage, not a liability.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani

What if everything you thought about love, work, and life is wrong? Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley, challenges your most entrenched beliefs in an effort to help you redefine the meaning of personal success.

Disrupted by Dan Lyons

This is a messy, tell-all account of what happens when a seasoned journalist from an established news magazine takes a job at a software marketing startup. He chronicles his time at Hubspot where he encountered “devilish angel investors, fad-chasing venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and ‘wantrapreneurs.’”

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