Bisner partners with The Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific

This Wednesday, Gianluca Bellan, the Growth Manager of Bisner, the virtual coworking platform that powers CAAP’s new virtual environment, in collaboration with Steve Munroe, the founder of Hubud, hosted a live webinar discussing Why Coworking Spaces Should Bring Its Community Online.

Watch the webinar here —

Webinar Notes

  • Struggle of creating community [06:14]
  • Real time connecting members is an exhausting job for community managers [06:45]
  • Intro on Bisner [10:18]
  • Make communication smooth again [11:25]
  • Make it simple and easy for members to connect [12:38]
  • Go beyond your space’s physical capacity [15:00]
  • Enhance the power of your network [16:00]
  • Strengthen your brand [17:30]
  • Tracking data on physical operations [18:00]
  • Optimise the space [19:00]
  • Making the life of community managers, members and owners of the space easier [19:30]
  • Q & A [21:00]

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) is one of the largest coworking alliances in the world with 30+ unique spaces and 1.6K companies. It was formed in 2016 to support and promote collaborative coworking across the Asia. The aim was to create a networking and learning platform for coworking space operators and enthusiasts, and provide a consolidated point of contact for companies and organisations who are interested to connect into the coworking ecosystem in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Bisner’s community solution is now being implemented in CAAP to allow community operators from all over Asia the Pacific to connect and share insights with each other more frequently than just once a year at CU Asia. By combining the potential of development for CAAP members with Bisner’s focus of fast growth in this market, a promising partnership was formed.

Thanks to this cooperation, Bisner will enter a major coworking network in Asia- Pacific, whilst CAAP will enhance its network by adding plenty of new opportunities for its members.This partnership will result in a much stronger coworking community in the region, by building more bridges between and within a large number of spaces.

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