Coworking in Asia: Technology as common ground

Beijing, China

In the last few months we’ve been taking you on a coworking tour around the world. Asia has been one of our favorite coworking destinations — and you might remember our articles about India, Thailand, China and Singapore.

With CU Asia starting on the 8th of February, it seemed interesting to look at the bigger pictures. What are the common trends and the specification of coworking communities in this large and diverse continent?

The growth in the numbers of startups and the prominent place of technology is seen in all countries as correlated to the increasing number of coworking spaces. Next to this common trend, specific trends are arising.

India and Thailand see their coworking space landscapes shaped by the growing number of expats coming to the country. As a result, Thai and Indian spaces seem to give special attention to bring together local and foreign entrepreneurs.

In China, cultural aspects appear to be working hand in hand to ensure the success of coworking. Guanxi is a chinese concept defined as a network of contact and influences to approach when help for a task is needed (Ostrowsky and Penner 2009). Coworking could be seen as the physical translation of the importance given to community building and collaboration.

Singapore can be singled out through the diversity of its coworking scene and the importance given to niche targeting.

In the end, all these differences are a good proof that the coworking concept is highly dynamic and flexible.

Do you work in a coworking space in Asia and would like to tell us more about these differences or similarities? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!


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