Focus on the innovative ECE community

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is a leading center for entrepreneurship in Europe and one of the communities activated by Bisner.

The ECE community gathers around two values: innovation and entrepreneurship. The design of the coworking space itself shows these values and each floor reflects the theme of the companies present there: the medical floor contains a clean, white, hospital-like appearance while the start-up floor is more raw and colourful.

ECE also encourages members to be innovative within their own offices, creating rooms such as the one below, where the jungle slowly takes over office space.

Coworking space at ECE (photo: Viktorija Gaizutyte)

One important element for ECE when selecting members is their focus on innovation and their likelihood to fit the important ECE community spirit.

This is where Bisner comes into play for ECE. Bisner helps engaging and connecting members, and getting the community feeling come alive.

Bisner had the pleasure to meet Annique de Greef, marketing and communication director at ECE, who mentioned that Bisner was highly used by members to share all kinds of news to their community.

One member making a successful deal would ask the community to join him for a celebratory cake, when another would ask the community for potential help to start using a new software.

As Annique mentioned, ‘there is a lot of knowledge in a community’. Bisner helps sharing this knowledge, and brings community members closer together by providing their private and customized platform.

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