How to set your profile?

Getting Started with Bisner

Bisner’s platform is the place where your community stays connected and we are here to guide you with it!

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to take the most out of your community you should definitely invest some time in building your profile. Similarly to social media, a profile with a lot of information makes it much easier for others to get to know you and reach out to connect.

More than only changing your pictures and language on your profile, you can — we actually believe that you should — write a short personal introduction.

Skills are easy to add. They show your community what you excel at in case someone would need help in that area: be as expansive as possible when listing them!

At Bisner, our focus is to engage communities within a working environment, which is why you can fill in your extended profile. It allows you to be more specific about your professional background.

See how I did for my profile: I started talking about what I am working on, mentioned my skills and showed my enthusiasm to get in touch with people.

In this section you are also able to show how people can reach out to you on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google +. Just add the links, and everything gets connected!

Your profile is very likely to represent the first impression others get from you, so don’t overlook these little steps.

Try it yourself and start engaging with your community!

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