How to start chatting with your coworkers?

Getting Started with Bisner

Are you getting started with Bisner and unsure on how to use it? This is another special guide for you!

In this blog we will explain how to start direct contact with members of your community by using the chat function.

To chat with other members, click the chat icon at the top right of the page:

or simply click the chat bubble on the bottom right, with your most recent chats on top of that:

Start a conversation with anyone from your community by simply selecting a name. You can either scroll down to find the contact you’re looking for, or make your life easier by using the search tab.

Write down your message and press enter: it’s already sent! Bisner was thought to let you engage with your community members, and the use of emojis and videos are a great way to do it.

We’ve all already been confused by receiving a message saying ‘I’ll call you in 10 minutes!’ with no idea when the 10 minutes started. Bisner helps you solving this confusion. Hovering the message itself will show you on which day and at which time of that day the message was sent.

Do you also want to know when a person was last online? Hover the name at the top of the chat page and it will tell you if your contact is likely to see your message or if he took a few leave days!

There is just one more thing we can recommend you now: Try it by yourself and engage with your community!

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