Human Contact in Exchange for Anonymity

Last week, Bisner had an opportunity to connect with Daniel Gutierrez, the founder of Input Lofts, the coworking space with locations in New York and London.

Picture by Input Lofts

Input Lofts is a space that unites creative and innovative individuals, as well as small businesses that believe in the power of coworking. There are no specific criteria for Input Loft residents but they are looking for people who are curious and open-minded, and most importantly — focused to excel at what they are doing best. As Daniel highlights, this diverse community, where everyone possesses a wide array of interests, is key to the success of this space.

“The great benefit of coworking is that no one can stay anonymous in such spaces. People are stimulated to build eye contacts with each other, and engage in face-to-face interactions. Coworking initiates human contacts.” — Daniel Gutierrez, the CEO of Input Lofts

Since the people become more familiar with each other, they are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences. However, to create this sense of community, the space has to provide a trustful environment.

“Building trust within the community is one of the first things one must be sure of, when operating a coworking space.”- Daniel Gutierrez, the CEO of Input Lofts

When coworkers develop this sense of belonging, the space can start to look for the fruits of effective collaborations. Daniel has told us about one of the success stories that emerged at Input Lofts two years ago. Initiated by the coworkers at their space, the fundraiser event called Project Picnic has been established inviting designers to create unique baskets that are sold for charity. Last year, they have raised $40,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. This is an inspiring example of how joint forces can result in initiatives that produce wide-ranging benefits.

Picture by Input Lofts

It takes a great deal of time and effort for the space managers to manage and ensure the successful interactions between their coworkers. Often, a community manager becomes the centre of such communications, acting not only as troubleshooter but also as mediator. Thus to support efficient space growth, an effective tool to manage this process comes in handy. With Bisner platform, we offer spaces a white-label solution, where they can find all the required tools in one place. Get a demo for free, and try it yourself!


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